End of Life Doula Training | Trial Offer

As many of you will be aware, since the Ideal Death Show in 2015 we have been looking to develop our own End of Life Doula Training course in order to offer training to those who wish to support individuals at the end of their life. We intend to officially launch the course early in[…]

The Wedding Celebrant | Pop-Up & Flash Weddings

Many of you may have heard about pop-up weddings but not experienced one, however, once tried – never forgotten. ‚”You basically just show up. If you don‚’t want the stress and the cost of a traditional wedding, it‚’s perfect!‚” So ‚”What is a pop-up wedding?‚” Not all pop-up weddings are the same, but they do[…]

Funeral Celebrant | Funeral Poverty

What if there is none? ‚”The Cost Of Pauper Funerals Is Rising‚”, proclaimed recent headlines, along with a simultaneous shining of the journalistic spotlight onto so-called ‚Äòfuneral poverty‚’. The cost of funerals is always enough to cause dark mutterings, calls for government enquiries and heated articles in the tabloids. But in a world now obsessed[…]

Funeral Celebrant | How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

How much does a funeral cost? More than one Piggy Bank required! These days a typical funeral using a funeral director costs around ¬£3,600. However, you can pay much more or less than this, depending on how you want to remember the person who‚’s died, what you can organise yourself and how much you can[…]

Civil Celebrant | Indemnity Insurance

Hello All We have recently had a surge in activity on our Facebook Members Group discussing the need and availability of Liability Insurance for Civil Celebrants. Thanks to a referral from Lisa Humphrys we have negotiated a good rate for ALL of our Members. As our Membership include (our nomenclature) Family Celebrants, Funeral Celebrants &[…]

UK Society of Celebrants Newsletter | December 2015

Hi & Seasonal Greetings to you. We hope you are keeping well and have enjoyed whichever “Winterval” activities that apply to you. We would like to thank you for the part you have played in contributing to our best year to date. Our members are establishing their presence all over the English speaking world and[…]

The Civil Celebrant | The Civil Circle of Life | Part 4 of 4

Farewells and Funerals A Mourning Flower The Circle of Life will, of course, turn and there will be times when we experience great sadness. When someone we love dies the initial shock and distress can be overwhelming. We are barely able to think or process information but during these most difficult days we are faced[…]

The Civil Celebrant | The Civil Circle of Life | Part 3 of 4

Milestones Renewal of Vows The same dilemmas are faced by couples who manage to reach milestone anniversaries. The current C of E ‚”Thanksgiving for A Marriage‚” ceremony begins with a formal prayer – if the couple are not regular church goers they may feel a little uncomfortable celebrating the longevity of their union in such[…]

The Civil Celebrant | The Civil Circle of Life | Part 2 of 4

Choices? Make them personal! A Superhero Themed Wedding – Why Not? More and more members of our society now live a secular life. Separated, disconnected and, most importantly, without a desire or need for religion and therefore, do not want to include it in the key moments of their life. It also has to be[…]

The Civil Celebrant | The Civil Circle of Life | Part 1 of 4

Circle of Life Part One – Challenging Tradition Our lives and the world we live them in change everyday. Some of these changes happen so fast we hardly notice them until they have crept right up on us and suddenly, when we take a moment to look around, we find theses changes sitting, centre stage,[…]