sally berryman Funeral Celebrant

Sally Berryman | Funeral Celebrant

My name is Sally Berryman and I am an independent Funeral Celebrant living in Windsor, Berkshire. I grew up in Ascot and have spent the last 20 years living in Windsor where my husband and I farm. We both have a strong commitment to agriculture, and a deep love of the countryside and of animals,[…]

Kathy Lunn | Funeral Celebrant

My name is Kathy Lunn and I was born and raised in Windsor, Berkshire. I have been in the service industry all my working life, starting my career in a convent, then pub (a natural progression), bank, university and after training as a personal assistant, I spent 16+ years as a board level executive assistant[…]

Andrew Lovell | Family & Funeral Celebrant

Hello, my name is Andrew Lovell. I have recently moved back to London –early 2016- after living full time in Ibiza since July 2010 Ibiza is where my celebrant work first began In 2012 I was asked to create and give a service for a couples wedding I agreed, and found I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. […]

Chris Prettyman | Family Celebrant

When that incapacitating darkness falls upon you with the loss a person who meant something to you the whole world seems to be against every endeavour that one attempts to achieve. Let me in to that darkness and facilitate that endeavour for you. I can write a life story for that favoured person that will[…]

Lois Mason | Family & Funeral Celebrant

For most of us, most of the time life hurries along. If not a huge rush then just living and surviving each week takes so much time and attention, until something BIG happens. Something momentous; an event that takes you out of your routine, significant, special, meaningful. These momentous events can be planned or expected,[…]

Graham Edwards | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I was born and bred in the south east Lancashire coalfield town of Atherton and was the youngest of two sons. I spent my primary education at St. Georges C. of E. School and then moved to Leigh Boys Grammar School to continue my education to the age of 18. I then went to university[…]