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United Kingdom Society of Celebrants Charter (UKSoC)

The UKSoC aims to provide a network of practising Independent Civil Celebrants who are trained to the highest standard  and / or experienced in conducting Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Funeral Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows ceremonies et al.

The UKSoC will at all times, promote the independence and individuality of the Independent Civil Celebrant and their work.

The UKSoC will provide quality civil celebrant training to all existing and potential Independent Civil Celebrants as required.

The UKSoC will provide mentor support and give guidance to its Independent Civil Celebrants, Associate and Honorary members whenever required.

The UKSoC aims to be a trusted partner by the Funeral Profession, Wedding Planners and other contracting organisations, who should be able to use our members with the utmost confidence.

The UKSoC aims to enhance public awareness that they are free to have whatever content they wish during their Ceremony.

The UKSoC will not govern its members with harsh demands - we are a group that supports and respects each other for what we already do and for our individuality as Independent Civil Celebrants.


UKSoC Civil Celebrants recognise the responsibility entrusted to them in their relationships with:

 a) The bereaved they serve

 b) The couples and families they serve

 c) The public at large

 d) The profession of which they are a part

Specifically UKSoC Civil Celebrants have agreed:

 1) To act in accordance with the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

 2) To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality of their clients and their families.

 3) To preserve the right of personal choice and decision making for all clients whilst respecting their cultural and spiritual beliefs.

 4) To provide accurate information concerning the services they offer, the prices of these services and functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of clients

 5) Neither to judge or give personal opinions on their own or their client's religious beliefs / spiritual needs

The UKSoC’s Charter will be regularly reviewed and updated by its members on an annual basis.

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