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Celebrant Training Testimonials

Here are a selection of recent unsolicited testimonials for our various celebrant training courses.

“…Having been a Family Celebrant for 3 years, My expectations of this course of study, have been so far exceeded, that I now know – I had no idea  what it meant to be an independent funeral celebrant when I first started out. I have grown not only in skills, knowledge, and self-confidence, but also as a person. I have enjoyed my study, more than I can say in words. Experiential distance learning at its best - Many thanks …”

Distance Learning | Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy

Jade Gracie - Manchester

“ …I am having a wonderful time being a full-time celebrant. I just love it. It is as though it was my calling and the timing was perfect. Without the background and training I had from the the UK Society of Celebrants I am sure that I would not be having as much positive feedback and referrals as I am. I also improved my computer skills significantly thanks to the skill and patience of my online tutor James…”

Distance Learning | Diploma in Family & Funeral Celebrancy

Michael Clancy - Cambridgeshire

“..So pleased I chose to take part in the Distance / Online Learning course. I think I had more one-to-one hours with my mentor than I could possibly have had on the personal tuition courses. The course assessments and projects gave me a feeling of deja vu (from University) with one key difference - my mentor was there when I needed her which enabled me to move forward with confidence. I was sceptical about the online tutoring at first, but now, I think its better than face-to-face tuition as the tutor has everything required at hand. Will be back soon for the Family Celebrancy Course as it seems the natural thing to do…”

Distance Learning | Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy

Lorna Sutcliffe - Gloucester

“…I am a recent graduate from the UK Society of Celebrants. I am a qualified social worker and a former lecturer with a number of universities and a bereavement counsellor today. l believe the best people to train a person in any field of study are those who are skilled and experienced within that sphere of work…  So I deliberately chose to study with the UKSoC. The course included theory on a diverse range of topics applicable to conducting family & funeral ceremonies. The training also required students to work closely with fellow students and practising celebrants where we were taught through demonstrations of various ceremonies, and then the same celebrants assisted us by explaining all the practical, legal and ethical requirements that are part of celebrant work. I highly and thoroughly recommend this course on every level…”

Group Course | Diploma in Family & Funeral Celebrancy

Geoff Nielson - Newcastle (blog extract)

“... Three months in to my UKSoC franchise and quite frankly all is well, in fact couldn’t really be better. It took six months to research and write my business plan with your help followed by the training which was expertly delivered by Phil on a 1:1 basis.  Up until last week I have completed my 28th funeral ceremony,  3rd wedding ceremony, 8th naming ceremony & 1st commitment ceremony (mostly through referrals) & recruited 2 more celebrants. None of this would have been possible without your celebrant training, help, guidance and experience.  Its hard to imagine that I was a traffic warden 10 months ago. Thanks guys, having a blast…”

Personal Tuition | Diploma in Family & Funeral Celebrancy

Robin Weston - Nottinghamshire - Franchisee       

And many, many more …….. That's enough for now!

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