What Are You Looking for from a Civil Celebrant?

As you are here reading this, you have clearly become aware that you have perhaps a wider choice of who conducts your special ceremony. Many people still choose to have their ceremonies conducted by traditional Registrars or Ministers of Religion. Such ceremonies naturally have their place but are widely viewed as prescriptive and indistinguishable from each other, bereft of personality and with little sense of occasion. Furthermore, in an ever increasing secular society that has a more discerning & educated public, people are turning away from traditional registrar and religious ceremonies as they are no longer meaningful to their lives.

If you choose to, YOU can have a ceremony that has been tailored to YOUR  individual wishes / needs, colourful, uplifting, inspirational, full of personality, befitting of the occasion and can include EVERYONE in attendance. A TRUE day to remember. If this is you - read on.

Still here? Good - Now in order to choose your celebrant you should consider the following:


Being professional is not just about qualifications and courses, we feel it is about punctuality, appearance, availability, attentiveness and seeing the “project” through from conception to delivery. ALL UK Society of Celebrants Members have received professional Celebrant Training as a Family Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant or Civil Celebrant with either ourselves or other recognised Celebrant Professional Bodies.  So you can rest assured you will be in expert hands.


Your occasion should be delivered by an experienced, pleasant & knowledgeable civil celebrant who works with you to create, a unique & happy ceremony to celebrate the special nature of your relationship. Your Civil Celebrant should be interesting; a good public speaker and know the “tricks of the speaker’s trade”. Depending on your requirements these can include, variety, humour, drama and interest, which will ensure that everyone is included and really appreciates and enjoys your special day.

Value For Money

On the face of it celebrant fees can seem high (although comparable to Registrars & Ministers) for what appears to be such a short amount of time which is why some will choose to cut costs in this area. This is a false economy as a “cheap” celebrant can have a disastrous effect on your big day. The time and effort our civil celebrant members put in to planning your individual ceremony such as; Initial response to enquiries, quotations, client visits & interviews, ongoing contact, on-site rehearsal, consultation & preparation, provision of information & resources, ceremony preparation, finalise and print client booklet, attend & conduct the ceremony can easily amount to 15+ hours work. In addition there are travel costs, office equipment, insurances, materials, etc.

You will soon see that your chosen civil celebrant fees represent excellent value for money once you take the above factors into consideration.


This is one of the most important parts of our members celebrant services.They will make time to meet you personally. This is to see how you get along with them and for you to decide whether they are your type of person before spending any money. During this meeting they can provide useful resources, help and information.They can also provide you with detailed information on ceremonies, vows and traditions.They are also always available to give you the advice and assistance you need to make your dreams come true.


We have a nationwide network of Wedding Celebrants, Family Celebrants, Funeral Celebrants for you to choose from. We would be happy to introduce you to an appropriate Celebrant near to you without obligation - Just click here and we will get back to you by the next working day at the latest. Alternatively request a Call Back for an even quicker reply.

The UK Society of Celebrants and our Members will do all we can to make YOUR important and special ceremony, everything you want it to be.

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