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Hello, my name is James Convery, my home is in Lancashire.

I left school at 16, joined the Royal Air Force and became a Radar & Communications Engineer. Over the ensuing years I earned my spurs, fought, traveled the world, drank beer, scuba dived, played rugby, married and had three wonderful kids, bought a house & got divorced.

Back in Civvie Street I became a Mortgage & Insurance Broker and decided to get educated, gaining a BA in Law & a MBA before qualifying as a barrister specialising in Personal Injury, Immigration & Employment matters. Whilst at University I worked for Marie Curie , providing palliative care in the home to the terminally ill.  I also lectured Law & Business at a number of colleges and universities in Lincolnshire & Leicestershire before becoming a Director of an employment consultancy, recruitment and training business. Here I developed, wrote, accredited and delivered many vocational training courses - we went from zero to 24000+ courses delivered when we sold the business in 2007.

From 2007, I went back to Law & Lecturing - now in my 40’s I noticed I was attending more and more funerals of family and friends. Apart from the names the ceremonies were all the same - I thought this was a terrible way to pay tribute to those that had died - the seed was now sewn.

Starting with my step-father, I wrote my first eulogy - which was personal, meaningful and heartfelt. This ceremony was well received - as many tears of laughter as there were of sadness & a fitting tribute and not a religion in sight. Over the next couple of years I was asked to officiate several funerals and themed weddings for friends and family and came to realise that secular ceremonies would be overwhelmingly popular, if only the general public were aware that they were available.

Ceremony UK, closely followed by the UK Society of Celebrants were founded by a select group of like minded people. Ceremony UK concentrates on providing Quality Professional Celebrants where they are wanted & needed. The UK Society of Celebrants is now an established, forward thinking professional body, setting industry standards and supporting its independent members and providing Celebrant Training to budding and existing Independent Celebrants, regardless of their religious or cultural affiliations.

Whilst continuing my celebrancy practice, I am concentrating my efforts on training & supporting other celebrants. Its the most enjoyable and satisfying work I have ever done - I do all I can to provide our celebrants and clients with what they want in the way they want it - a truly bespoke service provider.


Say NO to the “painting by numbers” approach to wedding, funeral & naming ceremonies provided by religious ministers, registrars & some celebrants. Say YES to bespoke ceremonies, tailored to your requirements which are personal, meaningful and inspiring and free from the influences of religion & government.

Feel free to pick up your phone if you want to talk about your requirements. If I miss your call I will call back. Here to Help! Be Well!

James Convery - UKSC(FM)

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