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I moved to Norfolk fifteen years ago after living & working abroad and since arriving here my itchy feet have been soothed. I love this region and the people in it.

After many years working with horses in competition and sanctuary environments I changed direction a decade ago and decided to get, what my mother would call, “a proper job”. Since then I have been fortunate enough to plan weddings at a stately home in Suffolk, find myself managing a marketing and event team in South Norfolk and most recently I experienced the wonder of working at the Woodland Burial Ground at Colney in Norfolk.

Since living here I have also been given the opportunity to flex my creative muscles and I now write for several magazines and have enjoyed the thrill of seeing my poetry published in three national collections. As with everything I do, my writing comes from the heart and I am always inspired by people and the lives they lead.

My ability to sum up what is happening in the world around me, capturing and immortalising the emotion and sense of occasion with words is a gift I am very grateful for and it is what inspired me to become a Family Celebrant.

 When I come into contact with families that are mourning the loss of a loved one I listen carefully to them. Through listening I discover what they want to say about the person who has died. I will try to discover how their loved-one lived their life; what made them laugh, who their favourite team was, what size was the biggest fish they ever caught, what their favourite food was or where they loved to go on holiday. Together we build the picture of a life that was well-lived and a person who was loved.

 I have always thought that the saying “Knowledge is Power” is true and never more so than when a family is grief-stricken; I share with families all I know about funerals and saying goodbye to someone they love. Funerals can be very daunting and if a person has never planned a funeral, trepidation, when mixed with deep sorrow, may be overwhelming. I share what I have learned in the hope that it helps them through the first steps of the bereavement process. From what I have been told by the families I have met, who find themselves in this sad situation, I believe it does.

I listen just as carefully when two people are preparing to celebrate a new union – a good marriage or life commitment is always about love! The love a couple shares for each other is the reason they are joining together and my role as a Family Celebrant is to make sure everyone who witnesses their ceremony knows about that love. I will help them declare to their friends and families the vows and promises they want to make by creating a bespoke ceremony just for them. Every part of their ceremony will reflect who they are as individuals whilst celebrating a commitment to each other and their heart-felt desire to become a couple.

Kim Greenacre - UKSC(M)

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