Civil Celebrants | Blogs & Social Media

So you now have a website, a facebook, twitter, linkedin & instagram account – What are you doing with them?
Let’s be honest – most of you are doing little or nothing, some of you are active but not on a regular basis and a few of you are very active and reaping the rewards.
Before we go any further, remember that Members of the UK Society of Celebrants can receive FREE one to one support from your Mentor / Tutor on using your website, blog and social media accounts. Just give us a call or drop us a line to book an online support session via skype.
As you have read this far here is a quick reminder of what you should be doing.
Unique content is key to you ranking highly on search engines. Blogs are the key to unique content, so this is a good place to start.



If you are writing a celebrant related article / page / post ensure you have the following basics in place:

  1. Title : A relevant title including keywords as above – Civil Celebrants | Blogs & Social Media
  2. Content : Contextually relevant title-related content with keywords – see above and keywords in bold. Minimum of 500 words; Maximum of 600 words. Subject and contextually relevant external links (UK Society of Celebrants) that provide further information on your subject matter.
  3. Pictures : Relevant quality images / videos – particularly with regards to sharing.
  4. Labels : Don’t forget your labels / meta data / hashtags (see foot of this posting) – social media. civil celebrants, search engines.
Follow these simple rules and your content will get seen. Don’t forget to share your own content via other social media (ie instagram ,facebook, twitter & pinterest ) as these shares will provide links back to your site / post further improving your search ranking.
Next time – effective posting & hashtags on facebook, twitter & instagram.