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A Superhero Themed Wedding – Why Not?

More and more members of our society now live a secular life. Separated, disconnected and, most importantly, without a desire or need for religion and therefore, do not want to include it in the key moments of their life. It also has to be noted that with some faiths still frowning on same sex unions, portions of our society cannot find common ground, let alone comfort, inside a religious dominion.

Of course this is where the Civil Ceremony should step in and, as far back as July 1837 marriages in England and Wales could, for the first time, take place in a Registry Office and quite significantly for that era, could be conducted by a Registrar rather than a member of the clergy.

For those not wanting to work out the maths that is 178 years since anything significant has changed. 178 years is a long time and the restrictions that govern these Civil Ceremonies have not changed during that period.

The stagnation and in-flexibility of the core elements of the civil wedding service and now, as importantly for most contemporary couples, where it must take place, prevent many partners who are deeply in love, from committing formally to each other. If the legal dictates prevent them from expressing who they really are and how they want to celebrate their union, they prefer to remain unwed.

Over the past three years there has a been a change in thinking and, even though the law has not changed, the determination of a few beautifully brave brides and grooms, has revitalised the marriage ceremony and the way it is conducted throughout the UK, by turning to a Civil Celebrant.

It is now possible, after taking care of the legalities of registering the marriage with a Registrar at a Registry Office and in the presence of two witnesses which, usually takes around 15 minutes, the couple are free to hold a ceremony of their choosing. The venue, style and content of a ceremony, led by a Celebrant is without boundaries or limits! In 2013 a couple from London held their ceremony in a shark tank, others opted for a tandem skydive, more recently another couple decided upon a Game of Thrones wedding theme complete with an Iron Throne!

On a more romantic note the content of the service is personal; the vows are bespoke and written for each couple, the readings can be selected from any source or can be commissioned especially for the event.

For couples who have mixed heritage and customs, this option is the only way they can blend the most significant elements of their cultures together and offers them the best opportunity to celebrate all that is great about their combined ethnicity.
There is of course another bonus to this idea; it can mean that super low-budget weddings can be turned into the stuff of dreams! Without the need for a high-priced licensed venue you can decide exactly what to spend your money on. If that means preferring to buy some amazing plants for your garden that will bloom year after year on your anniversary, make some bunting out of pink gingham, fire up your barbecue, have your Labrador as Best Man and have the biggest garden wedding-party ever, then so be it!



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Thanks to Kim Greenacre | Civil Celebrant | Celebrant House
Kim is a regular contributor to several magazines and a published poet. Kim is also a member of the UK Society of Celebrants and holds the Diploma in Family & Funeral Celebrancy awarded to Civil Celebrants.For more details about qualified Civil Celebrants in your area please click here.

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