Civil Celebrant Training | Open Days?

Not a well thought our proposition

It has come to our attention that certain civil celebrant training providers are holding one-off / special “open days”. Whoo…hooo!

Perversely, these providers are charging attendees for the privilege and promising them a discount of the same amount off any course they might take……………… apologies, we just had to pick ourselves up of the floor!

The sources of our apparent derision are clear and simple:

  • We work from a permanent purpose built office & training facility that actually exists and is open to the public during office hours or even by appointment – NO Charge.
  • Our visitors & guests are always made welcome and refreshments are always provided – NO Charge.
  • We have no need to arbitrarily advertise across the internet and pass on that cost to our celebrant trainees through their course fees.
  • ANYONE – can hire a hotel or conference facility anywhere to host an Open Day. I guess it is required for those who operate through a “rent-a-nice-address” provider and have their actual office in their garden shed or spare bedroom – ring any bells?

Here at the UK Society of Celebrants – every day is an Open Day – just drop us a line here or call us on 0800 772 0762 to ensure one of our Tutors is available to see you. Weekend visits – strictly by appointment only please – we are celebrants too! We won’t ask you to “chip-in” for a latte or a biscuit either – promise.


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