Wedding Ceremony Choices

Wedding Ceremony Choices – Civil Celebrants v Clergy v Registrars

You have the power to make it one of the most special days in your life, So why don’t you?
Today, around 80% of people planning to marry do so either with a Registrar or an Ordained Clergyperson officiating.
Registrars & Clergy
What those planning to marry may be unaware of is that they have far more choice than the staid services provided by religious ministers and registrars. These services are invariably provided according to a formula. Every service is only distinguishable from the last by the names of the brides and grooms. Furthermore, there are relatively strict time limits on these services too.
Additionally, the average registrar or clergyperson will spend between 10 minutes and 1 hour with the intended couple prior to the big day. Clearly, in that time , she/he will get to know the couple really well! I don’t think so – but hey – she/he only needs to get your names correct – right?
Cost is often stated as a concern when people select the services of a Registrar – think again – this simply is not true. Don’t get me wrong, for a variety of reasons we need registrars, but not as often as you think.
Family traditions is often stated as a reason for getting married by a clergyperson. Why? The overwhelming majority of the British Public, never practice any religion at all – so why, on all days, choose to do so on your wedding? Lets face it, no one needs an ancient book of fiction to know its wrong to kill & steal and sleep with a sheep – do they? So why marry by the same rule book.
If you are Gay – well you know what the clergy think about you getting married! Worry no more – see below.
In Australia, New Zealand, Canada & Even the USA – for many years – millions of couples are using the services of a Civil Celebrant to perform their Wedding Ceremony, Civil Partnership Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony & Renewal of Vows Ceremony etc
Civil Celebrants in the UK
What is a Civil Celebrant? Most Civil Celebrants are usually not affiliated with any religion and are independent. They can perform a variety of Ceremonies including those listed above. They meet with the intended couple & with them they devise the ceremony of their dreams. Often incorporating the timeless, meaningful rituals of “handfasting”, “jumping the broom”, “unity ceremonies”, “parchment signings”. “first kiss, last kiss” but to name a few. Civil Celebrants will often spend 8-12 hours with a couple during the planning & rehearsal process and many more besides.
Civil Celebrants can also perform your Ceremony wherever you choose. In a forest, in a tent, under water, on a beach, up a mountain, in a castle (bouncy or otherwise) – you name it, if the Civil Celebrant can get there they will plan everything with you and deliver the Ceremony you want. Civil Celebrants are often also game to deliver your ceremony as part of a theme (Steampunk, Punk, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland – the list is endless)
Here in the UK – Civil Celebrants have been around for a while but have only really started to get to grips with the emerging and adventurous British public, who are steadily moving away from the misplaced religious traditions and doing things that are personalised for them.
What about the costs? Civil Celebrants often cost less / the same as their registrar and clergyperson equivalents – but you get so much more for your money and you are not constrained by official and religious dogma
Where are these Civil Celebrants? We are all over the UK and our numbers are increasing almost daily.  The UK Society of Celebrants (UKSoC) have Civl Celebrants all over the UK who are only too ready to help couples planning their weddings. These Civil Celebrants have all been expertly trained by just 8 experienced Tutors who have completed over 6000 ceremonies between them. You know you are in good hands. UKSoC have even trained registrars and clergy to do their job properly & professionally. Religion has no relevance in what UKSoC does, but they do help couples who are from very different cultural backgrounds (eg Muslim & Christian) If you fall in love, religion and sexuality should not be a barrier to getting married. Just drop UKSoC a line. They are here to help you.
Civil Celebrants provide a truly bespoke service to their clients. By working with their clients, their families , friends and others Civil Celebrants will write and deliver the ceremony they want, where and when they want it.
  • Say NO : to standard ceremonies at churches and registry offices where they merely substitute names in a pre-set service.
  • Say YES : to bespoke, memorable, meaningful, personal and inclusive ceremonies in a location of your choice.
The choice is quite simple really! What is meant by that? There is no choice if you want that day to be extra special for you. Take the BLUE Choice!

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