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I am an independent celebrant working in Sussex and surrounding area. I love my job, helping to create meaningful ceremonies for the major events in my client’s lives.

I am married to a (now ex) service man who has taught me the value of living life to the full in the moment. Combined with the experience of my career in the City I have built up a great understanding of diversity and I love new things. I care and respect deeply the fact that we are all unique and that our life experience will reflect this. Therefore, the way that we choose to celebrate life events and remember our life experience is as unique and diverse as us all.

In December 2016 my life very subtly changed with the death of a friend. After his funeral service two people unknown to each other but who both knew me well, said that I would make a great independent celebrant. So, the journey to this point began. As part of the decision making I asked many people on what they thought, all said they could see me in the role. One person, the wisest person I know said, “You celebrate life, every moment of it, I believe you would be an amazing celebrant, thoughtful, caring, serious, diligent. Always doing what you do with great respect and dignity”.

I have learned through my career that detail and preparation is the key to success. As an independent celebrant I will be honoured to work with anyone in sharing the most joyous or the difficult time of their lives. My hope is that I will bring empathy, care and humility as well as creativity, flexibility and professionalism to the moment.

I am passionate about everything that I do and bring a positive energy to all that I do. I am described by others as quite ‘quirky’ because of my love of all things new and diverse.



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