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Hello, my name is Amanda Wray and I was born on a snowy Halloween evening in 1976, apparently; according to my mother I arrived just in time for Dallas. I was born in Warrington Cheshire, but a few weeks after my birth, we moved to the West Country where my mother and I settled in Bath, I was educated in Bath and left school with very few qualifications, more due to my lack of interest in learning rather than my ability.

I started working in the care sector at the age of 17, first in nursing homes and then I progressed to nursing assistant at a major hospital. In 2002 I joined the ambulance service, first in the control room as a dispatcher and in 2008 I decided to become an Emergency care assistant, working alongside a paramedic dealing with every day emergencies, from births to death and everything in between.

Working in the emergency services has given me experience in dealing with many different people, in many different circumstances, I meet people from all walks of life and deal with them during the worst days of their lives and the best days of their lives. I actually stumbled across the course for Funeral and Family celebrants purely by accident, I was doing a random google search and somehow came across the course, it immediately interested me; so I saved the link and went back to it a couple of times, rereading the course details and the more I did the more I thought that it was definitely something I was interested in doing, I thought about some of the funerals I had been to over the years and how much more enjoyable the non-religious had been, how much more personal and how comforted the family had been by them being able to give their loved one the type of funeral that they know they would have wanted. It made me think about what I would be able to offer to this role, so I evaluated my own career over the past 20 years and realised that I have dealt with life and death in one form or another every day.

In addition I have always believed that people should be treated the way I would want my family and friends to be treated, and I want to be able to offer people the best ceremony they can ever hope for.   I live in Bristol with my partner of 5 years and we have 3 pets, a tortoise called Stubs, a ginger cat called Giz and our latest addition, a 5 year old rescue sausage dog called Rio. In my spare time I enjoy; reading, writing, knitting, sewing, cooking and making people laugh.

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