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Contact information

07821 762 463

I am 58, Married to Nina for 21 years and have 1 daughter Hannah

I come from KIlmarnock, Scotland, and haved live in England for over 30 years.

I have worked in Pub Management, Advertising, and for the last 20 years worked as a Field Sales Manager selling a range of items from Golf Clubs to Heineken from Fresh Sea food to Walkers Crisps.

I love socialising, and run a Quiz and Games Night Business doing 2-3 Quizzes a week.

I love walking my dogs, watching football (Killie FC) and trying to play golf, as well as music - all kinds.

Your life/Celebrancy experience (150 words approx)

All my life I ave worked in and around te public.

In selling into huge corporate Businesses or to small 1 man business owners, I have developed the knack of being able to talk, and engaging with anybody. From the Director to the cleaner.

I lost a brother to suicide, and my son, Marcus, died at birth. My wife almost died thet day also, so I believe I have a better understanding of grief and loss and empathy than many. This helps me understand and appreciate wat others may be going through.

I am also now a carer for my partially disabled wife, which in itself makes you look at life differently.

What you can do for your clients (150 words approx)

I can talk and engage with my Clients on their level. I am also very well organised.

With the experience in my private and working life, I believe I can guide clients through tough times, extract important information sesitivly, and deliver what they want, the way they want it to be delivered

I have an understanding of the clients need and wants and have the ability to adapt to that. I am very flexible in my approach. No two clients are ever the same.

Why choose you?

I like to think I have a friendly and happy demenour, however when neccessary I can made difficult decisions, and have difficult conversations.

I can offer empathy and sympathy when required, get their story across and tell it it with authority and clarity.

I am thoroughly professional and reliable, and a very good listener.

I like helping people.

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