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Hi, my name is Kathryn Day and I live in Birmingham, I have three daughters and four grandchildren. I love cooking, in particular vegan meals, I enjoy gardening, reading and going to a book group but most of all I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, my philosophy of life is to fill it up with things you love!

My interest in people and supporting them to have the best lives ever was why I have always worked in support services, I worked for many years in a safeguarding children role and also as a Trainer in safeguarding and wellbeing. I learnt so much about people, their feelings, their aspirations and dreams, what makes them who they are. Being a Celebrant means I can now help celebrate all their life events filling them with cherished and happy moments.

We don’t celebrate enough and when we do it can often be prescriptive and sometimes impersonal, not reflecting the individuality in all of us and the way we do things. I have become a celebrant to make sure people have the best ceremonies possible, tailored to their dreams and aspirations, a real reflection of them and their individuality. When we plan a ceremony, we are often feeling at our most emotional, the birth of a baby, a marriage to someone we love or the death of someone we love. How we feel can sometimes get lost in amongst the planning but our feelings should part of the planning!Life events should be celebrated whilst reflecting our personalities to give a sense of authenticity and personal meaning. Every life is a story to be told.

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