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Dear bride, thank you for your interest in my job. All that you are about to discover, was created starting from dreams and wishes of brides like you. I’m sure enough you are planning with dedication and excitement a wonderful wedding ceremony, aren’t you?

But first of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Claudia Carbonara and I am a professional wedding celebrant based in Bari (Puglia), in the south of Italy. I started this job in 2009, and, after years of study, I created my own method, simple but at the same time innovative. It was successfully adopted in hundreds of ceremony with Italian and International couples in the whole Italy.

I firmly believe that the wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding, the only one thing that distinguish your big day from any other party. Without the ceremony, your wedding would be only one of any occasion to eat and drink.

This is why I take my job very seriously. I know I have in my own hands your happiness. For you this is an unique opportunity, a dream coming true. I want to make this your triumph. A day that will reward you for all your sacrifices, the difficulties and the obstacles you went through. I’m honored to be with you in the very moment in which from true love something very special and precious will rise: a new family.

Cerimonia VIP, this is the name of my project, is the one and only immersive method in tailored wedding ceremonies creation. Is an exclusive path that guide the bride and the groom in the realization of the ceremony of their dream. VIP is an acronym that resumes the three key points of the service:

• Vera (true). The ceremony is an authentic and highest expression of love.
• Italiana (Italian). My method give value to the Italian culture and tradition.
• Personalizzata (customized). The ceremony is written for you from scratch and it’s totally exclusive. No one will never have a ceremony like yours.

In 2016 I published my first book about wedding ceremonies: Pretty Woman, crea la tua fiaba a lieto fine con un matrimonio da film di Hollywood (Pretty Woman, create your happyending fairytale with a wedding like in a Hollywood movie)

In 2017 I started my training with UK Society of Celebrants in order to broaden my horizons and become a family celebrant.


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