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Celebrant in Yorkshire for Weddings, Handfastings and Funeral Ceremonies

Hi, I’m Ellie an original alternative wedding, handfasting, and funeral celebrant. As an alternative person, the reason I became a celebrant was to create ceremonies for those seeking an alternative to what is customary.

Originally from the West Midlands and now based in Whitby North Yorkshire, I travel all over the UK to perform weddings, handfasting, renewal of vows, and many other ceremonies.

I am also a senior celebrant tutor and a celebrant mentor.

Alternative Weddings and Ceremonies for All Who Seek Them

Wedding customs and traditions have always been a personal interest, with alternative weddings and ceremonies favoured, hence the company name Alternative Ceremonies UK. I am human friendly and create same sex, opposite sex, non-binary, gender fluid, polyamorous, and trans ceremonies for all who seek them. Ceremonies celebrate and mark love, not gender or socially conditioned conformity.

Being part of a couple’s, a group, or a family’s special day is a great honour, and no two weddings or ceremonies are the same. Working with people to help them create a completely bespoke wedding ceremony is both an honour and a privilege. The ceremony is the most important, the most meaningful, and the most memorable part of the day. The vows are the most important part of each ceremony and saying the same standard vows, every other couple say, isn’t favoured by many people.

Everyone has their own requirements for their ideal ceremony. Some want their ceremony centred around their families, some want it centred around their lifestyle. I work with creative, Gothic, Steampunk, Pagan, Norse/Viking, Medieval couples and people to give them the most memorable ceremony of their relationship.  Themed and theatrical ceremonies are available for those wanting a completely tailor-made day with some amazing photographs.

Norse, viking wedding ceremony

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting ceremonies are a speciality, and these can be Pagan, spiritual, or focus on the symbology of the colours used. Unity candle ceremonies, wine, mead, gin, chocolate, and many more ceremonies can also be included in any ceremony. These can include family and friends or even a beloved pet. Most of the unity ceremonies available differ from the usual ones offered by other celebrants, and it is a welcomed challenge to create customised ones.

I am honoured to have won various awards and have had nominations for services to clients through celebrancy.  Being featured in many publications and online writings, including numerous times in Rock n Roll Bride, has been monumental. Working with many alternative wedding suppliers gives me the opportunity to recommend their products to clients, who want a none standard and tailor-made day. We work alongside each other to provide you with an original ceremony.

Choose the Right Alternative Celebrant

It could be said that all celebrants are alternative as we are different from what was originally considered the norm such as religious officiants or registrars. One size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to choosing a celebrant to write and perform your special ceremony. It is really important each couple, group, or family finds the right celebrant for them.

Like attracts like and this may include choosing a celebrant who fits in with your chosen ceremony theme and doesn’t look out of place. A knowledge of lifestyle choices is very important. Experience, research, and ceremony knowledge are very important to be able to meet the requirements of other alternative and creative couples and people who want personalised ceremonies.

Make your ceremony as meaningful and as unique as your relationship.

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Celebration of Life, Funeral, and Memorial Ceremonies

Funerals are sad times, but also times to celebrate the life of the deceased person and what they meant to everyone attending the ceremony. Celebrations of life are created using memories and personal tributes from each family. Together we tell the story of a loved one’s life; enabling their family to say goodbye in their own way.

As a member of a progressive death movement, and a guest blog writer for another of its members, it is extremely important family voices and opinions are heard and considered when a death occurs. It is important the wishes of the deceased person, if known, and their family are met. Should a family decide to lead a funeral ceremony, a scriptwriting service is available to help this be achieved.

Death is no longer a taboo subject and more people are making plans for their own funerals. If you are one of the growing number of people who want to plan your own funeral, I can help you plan to have the kind of ceremony you want.  Memorial ceremonies which take place after a funeral are also available; these are popular for families if the deceased has chosen a direct cremation.

Belief and Lifestyle Ceremonies

Norse/Viking, Pagan, and other belief centred funerals are also a speciality. I work with those who are part of Viking and other historical re-enactment groups, who wish for specific lifestyle choice funerals. Many of these are natural burials.

Creating ceremonies for natural burials is a forte and I travel all across the UK, if required, to officiate at ceremonies in many woodlands, natural, and green burial grounds.

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