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My name is Theresa Borg BA (Hons) DCH, DHP. I am 49 and currently a professional Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Life coach. I also teach Meditation and Positive Psychology courses in South East London and Kent. I have a wonderful son aged 22 and too many friends to have the time to keep up with.
I continually want and seek out new challenges and that’s why Civil Celebrancy has begun to call me forth. I am now the proud owner of Heartfelt Civil Celebrancy based in Bromley but also covering South East London and Kent. It is said that a good celebrant needs 3 skills: being a good listener, writer and performer. I proudly tick all of these boxes. As a professional therapist I have honed the skills of listening and eliciting relevant information empathetically. Thus I can assure you that I will obtain, gently and compassionately, all the important information about you and your loved ones that you wish to include within your service.  This is particularly important when dealing with a bereaved family, as at this time of difficult emotions, I have the professional skills to be of great support and comfort.
I have recently written a book on positive psychology and how to live a happy life. I have previously performed my own comedy poetry at open mic nights in London. Therefore I will offer ceremony scripts that are not only bespoke and compelling but that also engage the congregation fully. I believe words are extremely powerful and indeed have the ability to heal. Having a degree in performing arts allows me to be a calm and confident performer; skills which I use successfully in my classes. I believe that it is these skills and my passion for helping others that have made me a grade 1 ‘outstanding’ and, as I am told, an inspirational teacher. I have found that to make my classes fun and informal as well as to be open and honest are the vital ingredients to deeply touching people in any particular ‘audience’.
I am passionate about helping people to have a positively joyous life. I have an absolute zest for life and the enhancement of joy that lifelong learning and exploration of the self brings to me. Having set an intention to live rather than merely exist, I have challenged myself to do the most amazing things such as walking on hot coals, skydiving, abseiling and scuba diving - simply to prove to myself that I could. I love empowering others in their personal growth and offer a deep understanding for all beings, both in our frailty and in our amazing strength and fortitude.
I love expanding the mind and continually exploring who we are as human beings. I have no particular religious affiliations but do have a strong intuition that there is a higher power of some description and thankfully, that power biases towards our ultimate health and wellbeing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service to you.


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