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I have always been great at introducing myself by saying what I am rather than who. My introductions usually include the roles I am performing that day – HR/Retail Manager, Recruiter, Trainer, Writer, Life Coach, Friend, Sister, Daughter.

I am also a Wife, to Paul, who is my soulmate and best friend but Shhhh! Don’t tell him, he’ll get big headed!! We live in Chelmsford with our two guinea pigs and numerous fish.

We got married a couple of years ago and that’s when I became interested in bespoke ceremonies and decided to pursue it as an opportunity to be creative and combine it with my beliefs about life.

Life is all about the choices we make. Those choices become who we are and what we do, they involve who we love and who loves us, they become our own life stories. In marriage we share those stories of who we are and make shared choices, as we move forward together to form a new life story of ‘us’. In death our stories are recounted in love and laughter, joy and sadness to all those who mourn us, in honour of the story we have created and the life we have lived.

In our day to day lives we have unlimited choices, everything has different variations and we choose what works for us based on what is included within each choice, customising our selections based on what is important to us from friendships to music to the food we eat – so why not apply this choice in our stories? In our weddings? Or in our funerals?

As an HR Manager and Retailer I have spent several years listening to people about what is important to them and working hard to reach a conclusion that leaves them satisfied and hopefully with a smile on their face. As a writer and Life Coach, it is people’s characters that fascinate me and the fact that people choose me to share their stories with, no matter what the content, makes me feel honoured.

As a Celebrant it is my privilege to listen to your stories, to hear about the choices you have made and to create a ceremony that befits the next part of that story either in celebration of a Marriage that your friends and family will remember and enjoy in their hearts for years to come, or a celebration of a life that will leave the friends and family of the lost loved one enjoying the glow of the memories shared and the warmth of those rememberences.


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