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I am from Bulgaria and have lived in England for 14 years. My personal belief is that life is wonderful and every moment of it should be lived beautifully. The love between two people is a thing that should be celebrated in a unique way. Wedding celebrant is not my profession, but as a result of Wish Upon a Star.

My life and my job are connected with the Bulgarian community in England. My husband and me own and manage a chain of Bulgarian stores and courier company in London. I myself am a founder and head master of two of the biggest Bulgarian schools in London. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Karlovo Bulgaria. In my free time I like to write, decorate and produce various art works - jewellery and souvenirs mainly. Organizing events such as courses, meetings and exhibitions is passion of mine . The greatest pleasure for me is the planning process. I love creating small interesting elements that give a unique character to every event. You can almost never see me without a smile on my face. It is my trade mark and something that I will definitely bring to your wedding.

I could be your wedding celebrant at weddings and vow renewals in Bulgaria, England or anywhere in the world when you want the ceremony to be performed in Bulgarian language. Also, when one of the partners is Bulgarian and the ceremony needs to be bilingual - in Bulgarian and English language too.

Traditional or modern wedding ceremony?

Rock 'n' roll or folk music?

In a restaurant, on the beach or on top of the mountains?

With many guests or in private?

Poetry, prose or your own work?

What kind of wedding ceremony you will have is up to you. You choose.

My role is to make it unique and the one from your dreams.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony you want everything to be unique and made especially for you - together we will make it. My goal is to exceed your expectation.

Each wedding ceremony is a reflection of two people - the couple. Every minute of it must be subordinate to them. Music, words, and those little special elements that convey uniqueness, need to have the style and manner of the bride and the groom.

What to expect from me?

Planning. Preliminary meeting to clarify all the details:

- How do you imagine the ceremony;

- What kind of music you want ;

- Clarification of the wedding elements;

- Who will participate in the ceremony;

- Producing order of ceremony;

The result will be a unique wedding ceremony performed in a professional way by me.

You can always contact me even only for advice.


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