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I am an open-hearted person with some experience of life. Over the years I’ve been through my share of ups and downs. I’ve lost family members and friends, but I’ve also welcomed new life and new adventures worth celebrating. I could imagine no better future, when I was at school, than becoming a writer. I remember opening a collection of the poems of Dylan Thomas and starting a life long love affair with poetry and as so many young people do - I loved music. Above all I loved the natural world. These passions still drive me.

I’ve always considered myself to be a secular person with deeply held values, but no religious beliefs as such. I feel deeply convinced that the most important things in life are not possessions, but the moments we share with the ones we love.

Over time, I’ve come to realise that one of the benefits of traditional faith paths is that they have established rituals for life’s big transitions.

I was in my twenties when my dear dad died, and I very much wanted to read a piece at his funeral from Kahlil Gibran that had been significant in our relationship. Dad was proudly atheist, but the celebrant – who was a humanist - rejected it on the grounds that it was “religious”. I had to find something that was less meaningful to us. This experience, more than anything else, convinced me that we should be able to chose anything - so long as we know it celebrates our loved ones and our special moments.
I feel passionately that we need and deserve to mark the important moments in our lives with ceremonies that are meaningful to us personally – and often this may mean that important elements from the writers, poets, composers and musicians who have particularly touched us should be incorporated. Traditional aspects may be important as well as original or alternative ones. We need to make these moments beautiful and memorable.

Now it's my pleasure to use my experience and creativity to work with you to weave together the ceremony which will mark a significant event in your life, and make it as beautiful, meaningful and memorable as you could desire. I specialise in heart-felt ceremonies which can be totally non-spiritual, or can incorporate spiritual elements such as prayers, hymns or rituals - as you desire. Most of us are not called on to arrange weddings, namings or funerals, very often, and consequently we tend to turn to the "experts". The most enlightened professionals will assure you that you can have the"bespoke", personalised ceremony that you want. But it's not always easy to know what our options are at such a difficult or exciting time. Tell me about your departed loved one - what made them special? Talk to me about your dreams for a special celebration - of your union, or the arrival of a new family member.

Why choose me as your celebrant?
I will open my heart to listen deeply to your story, and together we will create the ceremony that speaks for you, your family and the loved ones who are central to your moment of celebration.
If you believe, like me, that the environment is under threat, and that it is incumbent on each of us to "step lightly" on the Earth, I offer you my truly local services. I can guide you to the most environmentally friendly products and service providers.

If you prefer to keep things relaxed and simple, but truly memorable and heart-felt, then I'm sure we will "click". Send me an email today!


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