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Life is precious – life is a celebration – life is Love! Life (and death) and all of its disguises is to be honoured and acknowledged!! This is the reason I have chosen to become a Civil Celebrant! I have now been creating bespoke ceremonies for over 2 years.

Each life and life path is as unique as a snowflake, and because I truly honour this, I feel each Celebrant service I perform will be given the same amount of respect and uniqueness to truly represent the individual or individuals; a particular service is tailored for.

Whether it is a funeral (where I fully incorporate the essence of the soul whom has just departed from this world), a wedding (where the uniqueness of the love bond for the individual souls involved in the ceremony is totally understood and honoured), or a naming ceremony (totally unique to the beautiful soul that has been chosen to be named) individuality is totally honoured and represented and each ceremony is tailored to the personality which the particular individual or family require. I am totally in partnership with the needs, wishes and the beliefs of each distinctive assignment.

My name is Annie Love, and in my time on this amazing planet I have had so many life experiences, which many people in 10 lifetimes would not undertake. This has made me very empathetic and also open to such a wide variety of lifestyles, and be very non judgmental! I feel I can totally incorporate all of your Celebrant needs.


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