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Hello, I‚'m Emma Dalseme and enriching people‚'s lives has always been a major part of what I do. I‚'ve had an exciting life and can draw upon my wide ranging personal experiences to help create your perfect celebration.

When I moved out to the Bahamas to teach and paint I also set up my own business. It was here that I hand-painted t-shirts which I sold to cruise ship passengers making each one individual and to order. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with customers and getting to know each one through the process of discussing what they wanted on their t-shirts.

After the Bahamas I embarked on a similar adventure where interaction and tailor made service was pivotal. I started my own tiny shop selling even tinier items for dolls‚' houses. It was captivating re-creating period houses, sumptuous settings and furnishings to order. It meant that one commission could be Georgian and the other Victorian and understanding exactly what was wanted and achieving it was part of the job satisfaction. I was soon able to advise my customers knowledgeably and was frequently invited to give talks to local groups. My little shop quickly became a place for friendships and conversation. People trusted me and realised that I had an empathetic ear and had a good dose of common sense so I found myself giving advice for a wide range of problems alongside advice about the hobby.

Circumstances then changed and I became a full time carer for a short while. Thankful for the help and support I received during this difficult time, I organised fundraising events for several years for two major charities. My main roles were organising fundraising events and tailoring the experience to the cause or audience. Once again my job satisfaction came from the success of people enjoying the event. However, it was while engaging schools in fundraising projects and giving talks that I realised it was time to return to teaching as I had a rich vein of life experiences to impart.

I now feel that it is time, once more, for me to embrace my talent and love of getting know people in order to provide a personalised and unique occasion. I am delighted to discuss your ceremony with you be it wedding, civil partnership, renewal of vows, or naming ceremonies; I always listen to what you want; and with your vision, I am certain, we can make your special day personal, perfect and filled with wonderful memories.


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