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Hi, my name is Thoko (pronounced Toko… the H is silent).  I went to school and grew up in Bristol and then moved to Gloucester 13 years ago and I just fell in love with the place and its people. I am congenial, friendly, and lots of fun to be with. I am a strong believer in people living their lives to the fullest and not having regrets.  One of the reasons why I became a celebrant is so that I can help people have the ceremony of their dreams.  Ceremonies give us the opportunity to celebrate milestones in our lives and as a celebrant I assist in tailoring a personalised ceremony that reflects my clients their family and friends therefore making it meaningful and memorable. Over the years I have worked very closely with our local parish and I’ve provided Pastoral care for my local community and I have built lasting working relationships and friendships with people from different backgrounds and cultures; religious and non-religious.  
I have found this to be fulfilling and character building in that I have learnt that every individual has a story that makes them unique and regardless of their background or beliefs, if you allow yourself you can always learn something new from them. Alongside this, I have been active in charity fundraising both locally and abroad.  This has been rewarding in the knowledge that I am helping to further make a difference to people’s lives. When I moved to Gloucester, I was asked by a friend to sing at her wedding, from then on I was approached by people through recommendations and referrals.  I have been fortunate enough to not only sing, but to speak and to officiate at different events on four continents so far.  Truth be told, I never really planned to be a singer, it just happened to me and as much as I enjoy the singing, I prefer a much more hands on touch as a celebrant.
My role as a celebrant includes guiding my clients in selecting an alternative option for their ceremony and empowering them with the knowledge that they have a choice who takes part in it.  I can also write uplifting personalised ceremony scripts for Weddings, Namings, Funerals and Special Events.  Every ceremony is unique and designed to carefully reflect the values and beliefs of the people I work with.  I make sure that my clients’ events are inclusive of them and the things that matter to them and therefore the ceremony is how they want it and where they want it. The rest of my free time is dedicated to my husband and two children, who give the best meaning to my life and existence.


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