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I have been so fortunate during my working career. My 34 year career as a public servant as a paramedic and in law enforcement,  has allowed me to meet many people from all walks of life.

For 13 years as a  paramedic, I dealt with the whole of society in many, often challenging situations. I realised that dealing with actual life and death situations, required certain skills. I believe, that to be present at those situations, and to assist by helping babies into the world, or to be present when a death occurs, and to assist surviving relatives in coping with the immediate aftermath of the death of a loved one, is truly an honour and a privilege that I have experienced many times.

I have served over 21 years as a police officer, both in uniform and as a detective. Again, I was fortunate to be present, and to manage life and death situations effectively, with empathy and compassion.

My natural ability, combined with skills and abilities amassed during my working life needed to be harnessed and utilised in a new direction when I retired.

 I delivered a eulogy at my father’s funeral, and again at an uncle’s funeral. Both were non religious ceremonies conducted by a funeral celebrant. They were both bespoke and personal, reflecting the person and not restricted by religious doctrine. They were joyous ceremonies tinged with the natural sadness of the occasion. I had found my new direction in life.

I believe that a funeral is the first step in coping with a bereavement. Together we will create a unique ceremony, a ceremony that is individual to you, a ceremony that has your values and sense of style. We will work together to create a fitting, unique and memorable occasion.

I am also an experienced registrar I have conducted many civil marriage ceremonies. Again, these occasions are compiled with the couple in mind, each one is unique. My aim is to create a ceremony that feels personal to you. We will work together to plan something that isn’t constrained, but can be as creative, or as traditional as you desire.

My role is to guide and support you through whatever kind of ceremony you require. I will listen to you with sensitivity and empathy. I will provide advice, guidance and work diligently with you to make sure that your bespoke ceremony is one that you can reflect upon fondly and with satisfaction.


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