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Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my profile . I am sorry that you are having to look for a Funeral Celebrant, as it means that someone very close and dear to you has died .

Let me introduce myself . I am Liz ,a well seasoned practitioner for young people experiencing crisis and now a fully qualified Celebrant .

I became a Celebrant after having been asked by my friend if I would write and lead a 'life celebration ' and cremation ceremony for her 21 year old son who died suddenly whilst playing basketball at University

We live in a Bristol, in a tight community and well over 500 people attended that day - what an occasion ! The family and I designed a funeral ceremony fitting for a young man of his age . This 'life celebration' reflected' his interests his ethos , his musical taste and his friends and family in all aspects of the ceremony.
It felt right to have helped a family find a 'way through' and I decided with much encouragement from the family concerned to qualify as a Civil Celebrant .
Since then, many of my bookings have been from people who attended my previous Ceremonies or from word of mouth .

I have led many more Funerals of young people (mostly) - who have often died in tragic circumstances .

In collaboration with their families and friends we have set a 'tone ' for the occasion and included anyone who wanted to make a contribution in the content and delivery of the ceremony.

I aim to ensure that no matter how tragic the circumstances of that persons death , they are are well represented and that we build a full and balanced picture of the whole of that persons life.

I have also led Funerals of elderly people , some of whom have had Dementia . It has been important to me to help the family and friends to remember the person that was , prior to the illness and to celebrate all aspects of their life and their personality.

A funeral is never an easy event , however making it truly reflective of the person is a fitting tribute . I wouldn't want to leave people feeling that the person they loved was not 'present' at the ceremony . It is important to leave guests with a feeling of closure and a greater understanding and warmth of the person they clearly cared about .

I can work with you to create a truly bespoke Funeral /Life celebration for your loved one .

Through a process of listening attentively and asking questions , I will develop and write a ceremony a narrative that you feel is perfect for you .

I can lead, facilitate and guide with as much or as little input as you prefer .

You can include songs, poems, music and performance if that is your wish. Or just as easily it can be modest and quiet .

I have sung a coffin in to the building 'Accapella' before - ( yes I can sing, I promise !) we had a rock band at one - we even handed out coffee and Fry's chocolate cream at another as the lady who had died loved to chat and eat chocolate .

Whatever you think reflects your loved one ............

I am flexible and pretty unshockable ( 20 years working with teenagers with mental health and behavioural issues does that to you ! I am very easy to talk to. I understand how grief works and am quick to understand the dynamics of a situation .

I will let my clients speak for me .

'Liz skilfully guided and supported us at a time when we were numb and desperate. I will always be deeply thankful for your kindness and love you amazing woman, you will be brilliant XX
Mother of deceased 21 year old son

'Liz was amazing. She is a born natural. Both Stew and I blown away by her brilliance. The loveliest service I have ever been too.'
Guest at funeral service

'You helped us to remember who Mum really was - it felt like she was in the room '

I would love to hear from you - please call for a chat to see if you think I am the person for you in the first instance.

Please leave a message if I am unable to answer straight away and I will call at the earliest convenience. Take care .




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