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I have been a Civil Celebrant since August 2014.  I am based in Petersfield, Hampshire and I work all over the South East of England helping families to celebrate their life events.

I came to celebrancy as a result of personal loss and the desire to craft a proper send off for my Father; he is buried on the family farm – we were able to bury him in a secluded spot that, I know, would bring him comfort.  I like to do green burials wherever possible and we are spoilt in the South East with a number of excellent burial grounds.

I am a single Mother of three grown-up children, I love to write poetry and to make things from silver, craft materials and the like.  I cook and entertain regularly and I run a successful pre-school as well as working as a celebrant.

Funerals and Memorials

This is probably my favourite aspect of being a Celebrant.  I take instruction from a number of Funeral Directors as well as from the general public.  All of my ceremonies are written from scratch.  I am particularly interested in crafting a beautiful and poignant ceremony that evokes the memory of the subject – and I pride myself in ferreting out interesting anecdotes that help families to smile, shed a tear and leave the funeral restored by the love and respect  that has been shown to their treasured friend.

Weddings and the Renewal of Vows

I have an affiliation with a local museum Gilbert White's House, in Selborne as well excellent relations with a variety of wedding venues in the area, some grand and others very understated.  I like to make wedding days fun and meaningful.  There are a number of elements that can be incorporated into a celebrant wedding from broom jumping to hand-fasting.  You can choose to make your wedding as different as you like – the sky is the limit.

Naming Ceremonies

I am also a pre-school teacher and little children are an important part of my daily life.  The naming ceremonies that I have conducted have been for newborns right through to teenagers and are as a result of a change in the family dynamic, a new parent or adoption as well as a welcome for a new baby.  The best naming ceremonies are, in my opinion, child led and I have huge respect for children who wish to work with me to make a ceremony that is entirely theirs, from the choice of odd-parents, to the music and poetry that they enjoy.


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