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I’m not a Celebrant, I am a website designer and graphic designer

HI I’m Rob, I am not a Celebrant, I’m the guy who designs logos, adverts, brochures and creates websites for UKSoC. I help provide progressive Celebrants with design services and advice to help promote their own businesses.

When I am not working, I’m spending leisure time with my wife Ellie who is a UKSoC tutor and working Celebrant. We live in Whitby, North Yorkshire with our daughter and two dogs. I’m also a professional North Yorkshire wedding photographer , and work alongside Ellie. She performs the ceremonies; I capture the event.

I have over twenty five years experience of working with businesses; from small businesses to well known brands. I now have a passion for helping small business, giving small companies and individuals the experience I gained working with the big corporates. Not everyone has a large budget to spend on marketing in the early years of starting a business, it’s a great feeling to see a company grow and be successful when you have been part of helping them to reach their goals.

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If you would like any advice on your marketing, help getting your business on line or creating branding / logo to help you get noticed call me on 07590 657 418 or visit and send me a message.



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