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Hello my name is Dyane; I am Sheffield born and bred.

Why did I choose to become a Civil Celebrant? For many reasons both personal and professional.

Whatever the occasion, at that moment it is the most important day of your life. When I visit you, I’ll give you ideas to think about, and, I’ll give you time to process the information. As I always say, ‘today nothing is set in concrete; it can all be changed’.

Weddings, baby naming, renewing vows, celebrating anything you want; it’s so exciting. I want to help ‘you’ to create a complete individual, unique, personal ceremony that has everything ‘you’ want; and then maybe that little but more.....

With Funerals, I see this as being such an important day. Being able to create and offer people, an individualised ceremony with true meaning; and one that people will remember for all the right reasons is what I always endeavour to create; a ‘True Celebration of Life’.
I can only say would be an honour and a privilege.

Why UKsoc
After extensive research, I decided this was a ‘complete’ organisation with no gaps or hidden agendas; it was where I felt I could get professional all-inclusive training with a good support network.

UKsoc is honest; it delivers what it says it’s going to deliver; and one of the best things is the ongoing support; it never ends. Once you are a member ‘you’ become ‘we’. Sharing, giving, supporting each other.

A bit about me.
I have always worked with the general public, from staring as a hairdresser; then after 20years I wanted a new challenge. So as a new single parent to three children, I gained a degree in my early 40’s; I was ready for my next chapter. This was perhaps one of my biggest challenges.
For the next 13 years I worked for the blind society in Sheffield; recruiting, supporting volunteers, training staff and volunteers and delivering all the visual impairment awareness training and meeting some amazing people.

I have three children; all grown up now; I married my partner in 2014; between us we have 6 children and an every growing brood of wonderful grandchildren.
I am the ‘ever optimist’ I have the glass which is always half full. I am passionate about whatever I do, which I hope comes through as I get to meet and work for some of you.


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