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Hello. My name is Linda. I am a child of the 50‚'s and an Aquarian, and a Metal Tiger. Through my various incarnations during this lifetime, as art student, designer, body worker, teacher, counsellor, therapist . . . person, friend, lover, mother - I have found pleasure and wonder in meeting the deeper meaning of our everyday lives, and celebrating. Sometimes with Ceremony, sometimes simply ceremonially, with conscious acknowledgement and gratitude.
I work with people. My focus is to meet the core of what makes people tick, where their light is. I work through Cranio Sacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Kinesiology, psychotherapy, Esoteric Healing and 5 Element Acupressure, Flower Essences and Shamanic Journeying. It is a tool-kit I have built over 35 years, meeting bad backs, sore knees, emotional crises and the universal need for meaning and growth along the Journey of life. I love to be outdoors, to camp in circle and community, to whittle bits of wood and build fires. I love to sit in Circle, hold Council, speak and listen from the heart.
I love to use my hands - to knit, to sew, to carve, to create things. I make patchwork, especially little welcome quilts for babies, and some ceremonial quilts to commemorate birthdays, milestones, rites of passage. I have held informal Ceremony for many years, for welcome, naming, menarche, coming of age, growing big teeth, leaving home, betrothal, hand fasting, separation, commemoration, land blessing, home blessing, home clearing . . . Ceremony can be created for everything that has meaning for us.
In Ceremony, my offering is to meet the core of what makes people tick, to find the deeper meaning of the time, to help bring into consciousness and to embody what makes a time, an act or a transition important to us, how it will enrich our lives and our experience. I have a daughter, in London, a son, in Suffolk. I too live in Suffolk, in an ancient timber framed cottage. I have a black cat 🙂 and a diverse and wonderful group of dear friends. I look forward to meeting you, and to sharing the journey of finding and building your special Ceremony.



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