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With over 30 years experience working with individuals and bereaved families I am on hand to listen to your wishes, ask for your thoughts and guide you in creating the fitting farewell for your loved one. 

Bringing together empathy, compassion and humour I will help create a truly memorable occasion for you and your family.

My background allows for a wide range of influences. From the spiritual to popular culture, all can be expressed in just the way you would wish.

For many years I was an ordained officer with The Salvation Army. This work brought me in to direct contact with families at the most sensitive time of life. I conducted many funerals encapsulating all age groups and social demographics.


My latter professional career in the hospice movement as Director of Fundraising for some of the UK’s largest centres meant I was called upon regularly to interact with bereaved families, organise memorial events and often spend many hours counselling individuals following loss.


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