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As a child I conducted my first wedding ceremony between my teddy, Bruno, and my doll, Susan.  I guess that was the start!  Before reaching where I am now though, I worked in theatre most of my life, first as a dancer then into acting, but my greatest love has been directing.  In between all of this, I lived and worked with my family on a self sufficient organic farm for 10 years, during which time I reconnected with my love of the natural world. Of course over all these years I have attended many ceremonies, always wondering why things were done in a particular way, and how I would have organised it differently (thats the director coming out).

My aim is to give each ceremony the uniqueness it, and you deserve.  To give you the opportunity to explore different avenues that you may not have considered or even know exist!

With care and consideration, attention to detail as well as the overall vision, together we can create the ceremony that you want.  Embodying the feelings you wish to express at this time in your life in one ceremony can seem daunting, and thats why I am here, to help you achieve your dream.


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