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I live in Gauteng, South Africa. I am a trained funeral and family celebrant and am based in Ekurhuleni.
Many people today have moved away from organised religion. However, by nature we still feel the need for ceremony and ritual. As a life event celebrant I offer to meet this need.

When a baby is born we celebrate by holding a Naming Ceremony.
When a couple fall in love and wish to make a public statement of their commitment to each other we create a wedding, civil union or handfasting ceremony.

Later they may wish to reinforce their promises to each other, so we develop a renewal of vows ceremony.
And at the end of a life, we feel the need to honour the passing of a family member or friend, so we design and deliver a funeral or celebration of life ceremony.

I also believe that we need to acknowledge when we reach significant milestones in life’s journey, so I offer a ceremony to recognise a girl becoming a young woman or when an older woman reaches the third phase of her life we offer a Woman's Wisdom ceremony.
Ceremony involves joy, dignity, sometimes sorrow, always respect, as we highlight the rites of passage in the human life.

I feel that all the different kinds of work that I have done, including facilitating, developing training materials and writing, have prepared me to be a warm, caring, meticulous celebrant.


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