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Carol Bennett is a qualified dental nurse and up until starting her course for civil celebrants worked in a busy NHS practice for 9 years.

Previous to that, carol worked in the funeral business  for 8 years as an arranger then going on to train and Co work  as an embalmer.

As being an arranger,  carol is used to dealing and helping families through their grief and their loss.but after the loss of her father 3 years ago, cat realised that the funeral profession and being there for others was something that she missed greatly.

"After the loss of my lovely dad to cancer, I realised the even in my own grief,  I was subconsciously  helping  the rest of my family through their grief as well and help come go terms with their loss.

It was by doing this I realised that helping others through the hardest and most difficult times is something I missed and felt ready to go back to like it was my vocation in life "

Carol applied fir her course , spoke to her up coming tutor at UKSOC  and realised that this was the right course and the right time and move , then proceeded to resign from her dental nurse job the next day.

"The thought of going from a guaranteed wage each week to possibly no wage was a scary thought, but I felt in my heart it was the right move and if I could be my genuine  honest and caring self I would be fine "

With a husband in the funeral profession, family friends and ex working colleagues  she had kept in touch with felt that with all the right contacts and opportunity she could fulfil her wish of becoming a civil celebrant.

Carol has lived in the Wirral fir 9 years, but is originally from Liverpool .

"I moved here from. Liverpool as I was working in the funeral business here and loved it, I love that I'm so  lose to the park and beach and I'm often there with my 3 dogs or doing my oh her passion of dog grooming, which I qualified in over 10 years ago."

Being  civil celebrant enables families to arrange and inject their input into the service and if the family requests a hymn or prayer, this can also be arranged and included.

Being able to help the family through the worst day and being their to support them and be there for them is a privilege,  and one I count myself lucky to he able to do.

My own personal experience has tough me, that no two families are the same, no family  is the same, so why should every funeral be the same.

The funeral service should be personal  to each family and family member , it should be dignified and respectful and this is something I aim to achieve.


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