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Hi. My name is Kay Hamilton.

Originating from a Somerset town in the West Country, I moved to Bristol to do my nurse training in 1979. It was during my nurse training that I discovered the area I really connected with, understood and had a passion for, was Intensive Care Nursing.  This led me to London to do the Intensive Care Nursing course at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, followed by working at two other ITUs before becoming a sister on the ITU at the Whittington Hospital, in north London.

The intensive care nursing career led me to taking a post, twenty-five years ago, as a Transplant Coordinator in a local Bristol hospital. This career became my passion and lasted until I retired last year.

During this nursing experience, I cared for many patients who became deceased organ donors, (most of them as a result of a sudden event, causing death). Supporting the suddenly bereaved families and loved ones of the patient at this time was a vital part of the role, and I felt very honoured and privileged to be a part of this.

The role helped me hugely in developing the required skills of kindness, empathy, sympathy, understanding, listening and comforting.

This area of nursing was challenging but varied, harrowing but always varied and the opportunity to meet so many different people was very humbling.

The contact and support for these families continued after the funerals of the deceased loved one, occasionally for many months or years.

Again, it was also an enormous privilege and honour to be involved in the recipient side of the role. These people showed such courage and strength in their daily lives, whilst waiting for a kidney transplant. Being involved with the potential recipients role also allowed me to further develop the skills mentioned previously.

I believe the experience and skills acquired from this role, will help me be able to offer a ceremony personalised for you.

Together we can create and develop a unique, personalised, tailored, bespoke, ceremony that is exactly right for the occasion and the people involved. We can devise a ceremony that is perfect in every way, reflecting the involved character’s lives, hopes, dreams and experiences.

Everyone loves a good story - so let's tell it together in a way that can be uplifting without losing respect, if a funeral, or in a light-hearted way if a family celebration ceremony- whatever or however you wish it to be.

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