Naming Ceremony Elements | The Naming Ribbon

Unlike those of a theistic nature, Civil Celebrants whilst officiating Naming Ceremonies prefer not to perform “water boarding” or “simulated drowning” rituals on their clients charges.

Naming Celebrants have found various methods to endow “names” without the need to resort tothe abhorrent rituals above. One such method goes something like this (pictures to follow)
Elvis Winston Mandella – Seriously?
The naming celebrant produced a suitably coloured satin/silk ribbon (25-30mm wide & upto 30m long) and at one end fashions a loop to fit over the left wrist of the child to be named. The ribbon is then systematically wrapped around the left wrists of each parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, other family members and everyone assembled for the event. When everyone has been “wrapped” the loose end is then fashioned in to another loop and placed around the right wrist of the child to be named – thus completing the circle. The child is then given their “forever name”.
This ritual is a beautiful, simple and memorable way with which to engage all those present in bestowing the name on a child as well as being an all inclusive Unity Ritual – No religion, pretentiousness or water necessary.
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