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Hi, I'm Kym a Suffolk based funeral celebrant and member of the UK Society of Celebrants.

I was born in London but spent many years living in Greece, bringing up my family. This has enabled me to be able to speak Greek quite fluently.

Why did I choose to become a funeral celebrant, like most people I have been to funerals, some have been an uplifting experience, full of love, compassion, respect and even humour, whilst others have lacked empathy and have been no more than a monologue.

A funeral although a sad occasion should not only be about saying goodbye but also a time to celebrate memories spent with loved ones.
People and families sometimes want an alternative to a clergy led ceremony, especially those who do not have a specific religion or place of worship, they want a ceremony that is much more person centred.

On returning to the UK I worked as an assessor for the Social Care Sector specialising in palliative care, which allowed many people the choice of staying at home with their loved ones before they passed away.
I like many other people have experienced the loss of someone close, I personally have lost not only a parent, but my husband and my eldest daughter. I feel this gives me a strong empathy for the bereaved as I understand the pain and devastation it can have, and how grief can affect people in different ways, having someone who understands is important, at what can be a devastating time.

Although no one wishes to die, we all know death is part of life. Death is now no longer a taboo subject and has allowed more people to feel able to make plans for their own funerals.
When writing for a ceremony it is important that family voices are heard, and their opinions considered as well as any wishes of the deceased that may be known are met, it is a time to recall memories, achievements and their love for the deceased.

Every ceremony is bespoke and individually tailored to reflect the wishes of the families as well as the character and life of the deceased, it can include elements of worship if that is wanted or none at all, family members and friends can participate as much or as little as they wish or if you prefer you can leave it to me and your appointed funeral director.
If you need help with finding quotes, poems or a piece of music I can also help with finding that special piece.

For those families who wish to lead the funeral ceremony, I can offer a script writing service to help this be achieved.

I can also assist with memorial ceremonies, these are popular for families if the deceased has chosen a direct cremation, and the family wish to celebrate their loved one's life with family and friends.
In Greece people their condolences with the words "may their memory be eternal" I strongly feel all funeral ceremonies for a loved one should be an eternal memory.

For more information on the services offered please feel free to contact me by phone or message for an initial chat.

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