Cindy Groves | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I trained as a civil celebrant in 2014 and have loved being a celebrant from the start.  It is the interaction with humanity that brings me joy.

I get the most satisfaction from a funeral, but a good wedding is uplifting and helps to ring the changes.

In 2018 I trained as an end of life doula.  I find that this informs my work and is a useful adjunct to the funeral side of my business.

The U K Society of Celebrants is a good organisation, the mentors and team are supportive and a pleasure to work with.

I am regularly complemented on the quality of my work and this is down to a thorough training and ongoing advice from my colleagues.

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Andrew Auld | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I took the Family & Funeral Celebrant 4-Day Course in Manchester in March 2019

I have to say I was very impressed with the content, timings and the depth of the course.

The surroundings were great and very conducive to great learning experience.

My Tutor was very thorough, and very good at getting the key messages and expectations across.

It was very intense, but all the better for it. The homework was just as intense, again I feel this gave a real impression of what expectations are when out in the field doing this role for real.

The support received through the website, and the experience, help and advice offered through the dedicated Facebook page is a real eye opener, and a very good back up and support mechanism, especially when starting up like myself.

Having performed my first Funeral Ceremony only 3 weeks after the Course, I fully appreciated what it showed me with regard to timing, content, and planning, and what really has to be done. The Anatomy and Templates for the Ceremonies do work, and work very well.

The course gave great insight to what is actually like, without any airs and graces.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a Quality Celebrant to sign up to this course, but be prepared to put in a lot of work, in a short period of time, but the rewards are immeasurable.

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Julia Hill | Family & Funeral Celebrant

For close on five years now, I have been working as a family and funeral celebrant. With excellent training in place by UKSOC and a trusted mentor always available if needed, I have been privileged to conduct ceremonies for folks from all walks of life, all situations. The sharing of these stories is always a great privilege – and in this my life story is enriched beyond measure. This has truly changed my life.

Choosing to train through the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants, has by far been the best and most life changing decision I have ever made. The training and mentor-ship are of the highest quality, and ongoing support means I never have to face a situation without being prepared. UKSOC remain committed to excellence on all levels and push me as a member to always go above and beyond; remaining committed to what I do on every level.

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Fiona Ainley | Family & Funeral Celebrant

In 2014 I took the major decision to change direction in my career and undertook training with UK Society of Celebrants to become a Funeral and Family Celebrant. I can honestly say I have never looked back nor have I ever had a job that has been so rewarding.

I have met some wonderfully unique people as a Celebrant and I always ensure that I provide a unique ceremony for each and every one of them. Whether that is when they celebrate their marriage, welcome a new addition to their family, renew their vows or when they say farewell to a much loved member of their family.  I am not constrained by what I am allowed to say or where I am allowed to say it and so I can ensure people get the ceremony they actually want.

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Jane Grayer | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I spent some time comparing the courses that were offered by each of the celebrant organisations and looked at what kind of ongoing support was mentioned by them all. In the end I decided to go with UK Society of Celebrants as they offered a range of different ways to study and seemed to have ongoing support and an active peer support network. I knew I’d made the right choice when I started talking to my tutor and realised that he would tailor the course to reflect my previous experience, focusing more on the areas that were new to me. I felt that it was possible to take this huge step, and my tutor encouraged me with honest feedback and ideas.

The distance learning worked really well for me as it could fit around my other commitments. My tutor would always find a time to connect that worked for me – even if it was early morning or later in the evening. The course itself is intense but also really enjoyable. I looked forward to my sessions with my tutor and could feel my confidence growing as I gained experience in writing and delivering ceremonies. The peer support is great – a fab way to get advice and sharing experiences. It also really good to be able to give clients and funeral directors the peace of mind that being part of an umbrella organisation brings – knowing that if anything happened to me one of my colleagues would step in to deliver my ceremony on my behalf – no fear of being let down at the last minute.

I really enjoy the opportunities that I have had to meet other UK Soc celebrants in person and to take part in workshops and discussions – ongoing training opportunities are so useful. Its great to be part of an organisation which prizes individuality and sees me as an individual while making sure everyone has a robust training which gives our clients complete confidence in our ability to create and conduct the perfect ceremony for them

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Geraldine Gorman | Family Celebrant

Having just completed the distance learning UK Family Celebrant Course, I am so delighted to say I have already had three bookings for weddings this year.

This is ALL down to the in depth support and training I received from my mentor  and the design of the course.

I absolutely loved the course and all the assignments, each one gave me a real insight into what is exactly required from a wedding celebrant, and how to make my wedding ceremonies completely unique to the client.

This was the main factor that sets UKSOC courses apart from others.

ALL celebrants follow the same professionalism and NEVER use the same script twice.

Can’t wait for my first wedding !

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Debbie Bairstow | Family & Funeral Celebrant

In 2017 I began my Funeral Celebrants training with UKSOC.

I travelled to Manchester for a days one on one training which was excellent, allowing me to firstly meet my tutor, ask lots of questions and get a feel for my new role. I had an understanding of bereavement and funeral directing, but writing ceremonies was a whole new ball game.

My tutor is a very positive person, allowing me to progress at my pace.  The tutor always gave excellent advice and pointers in ways to improve the assignments, if something was not quite right, after tutorials and re work the assignments became easier to write, adding strength, meaning and compassion within the content, often leading to laughter and tears.

I now have the confidence to write ceremonies which are individual and special for the family and deceased, which means that none of my ceremonies are the same in anyway at all.

Another huge part of the training is the delivery!  The tutor’s proactive approach and encouragement boosted my confidence, enabling me to stand up in public to deliver my ceremonies with correct pitch, pace and feeling.

In 2018 I decided to take on the family side of things. I was assigned a different tutor for this adventure.

Again, training was done at my speed and availability for tutorials

The tutor is very dynamic in her approach to ceremony delivery.  Obviously having written and delivered funeral ceremonies it was a case of learning to write for happier times, also to realise the opportunities to help people realise their dreams for a special day.

The tutor helps her students think beyond and outside the box, making anything possible.

I would highly recommend joining UKSoC  because they offer a very high standard of training producing individual Celebrants who go onto offer bespoke ceremonies of the highest standard. Plus, your tutors, who become friends are there for you after your training is complete, always there to advice and help.

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Sandra D Perkins | Family & Funeral Celebrant

When I first enquired about becoming a Celebrant my first question was ‘ Am I too old?’ My tutor assured me I wasn’t, so I enrolled on the Family and Funeral Course. This has been the best thing I have ever done in my long life. Excellent thorough training and confidence building has enabled me to embark on a new career which I am enjoying immensely

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Jane Arnold | Family & Funeral Celebrant

I remember how nervous I was when first contacting UKsoc, as I had no idea what would be expected of me. My tutor James was incredibly helpful, he explained everything and I was able to complete my Family and Funeral Diplomas online whilst I continued working. Skype sessions, emails and phone calls meant that I was supported throughout. I was surprised at the depth and detail of these courses. In the Funeral diploma, James helped me consider how I could best connect with grieving families and taught me how to ask the relevant questions needed to write a good Eulogy. In the family diploma, I was challenged to ‘ think outside the box’ so I am now able to offer unique and unusual ceremonies for my families and couples. The practise I gained through performing a ceremony ‘ live on Skype’ was an invaluable help for when I officiated my first ceremony.

The standards expected of a UKsoc Celebrant are high, so I feel proud to be a member. I continue to appreciate the support given by fellow celebrants and tutors, they help me be a trustworthy and professional celebrant. I am proud to be a UKsoc Celebrant and I love my job!

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Tracy Doughty | Family Celebrant

I completed the Family Celebrant course in November 2018. I have to say that I was a little bit sad when I actually completed it because I enjoyed every minute of it so much.

The course met every one of my expectations. My tutor taught me so much and continues to coach and support me.

She has given me the encouragement and the skills to be a successful celebrant and I look forward to undertaking the funeral course with her in the near future.

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Julie O’Sullivan | Family Celebrant

Received excellent training from UK Society of Celebrants and the benefit of ongoing advice and support after completing the diploma. Training focuses on ensuring you become the best celebrant you can be!

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