Student Charter

UKSOC Student Charter : Our promise to you…

We are committed to giving you the chance to learn at a time, place and speed that suits you.

Our promise tells you:

    • what you can expect as a UKSOC learner what we would like you to do for yourself and other UKSOC learners
    • what you should do if you want to make a complaint

First, and most importantly, all UKSOC providers have been carefully chosen and have promised to do all they can to give everyone equal opportunities and to give you a great service.

Before you become a UKSOC learner, we will:

    • give you a friendly welcomes, ask you what you want to do and what you hope to achieve
    • give you information about our courses and help you choose the right one for you (if there is a taste of the course you are interested in you can try it out)
    • tell you about the support that will be available to you as a UKSOC learner on-line and at a learning venue
    • tell you about the minimum PC specification needed to run a UKSOC course
    • tell you about course fees
    • tell you about other services that will be available to support you if you go to a learning venue for example, childcare facilities
    • Once you have decided to become a UKSOC learner, we will:
    • enrol you on the course you have chosen
    • tell you who your personal tutor is (if your course is supported by a course tutor, we will tell you who that is within five days)
    • give you access to UKSOC facilities, which include:

A communication centre to keep you in touch with your tutor and other learners

Your UKSOC organiser – to keep a record of what you’ve done in the past and to help you plan your future goals

Please note: if you buy an unsupported course online not all services will be available to you.

As a UKSOC learner, we ask you to:

    • contact your tutor every couple of weeks to let them know how you are getting along
    • try and set aside a reasonable amount of time each week to study
    • return any documents we ask you to fill out
    • show respect and consideration for other learners and UKSOC staff
    • let your tutor know when you have got what you wanted from the course
    • read our Terms and Conditions which describe in more detail those things we ask of you
    • tell us how we can improve the quality of your UKSOC experience. If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of our service, let us know so that we can try and put it right.
    • Our commitment is to treat every complaint seriously and deal with it sympathetically and confidentially. We will always do all we reasonably can to sort out the complaint fairly and to your satisfaction, although there may be times when we cannot do exactly what you want.

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service or support you get from us, please:

    • write, call or e-mail the UKSOC provider you enrolled with or speak to them in person
    • explain what has gone wrong and why you are not satisfied
    • say what you would like us to do about it

Your UKSOC provider will have its own arrangements to investigate the problem. If they cannot put it right within 14 working days, they will tell you how to contact their management team. This team will review the complaint and, within another 14 working days, your UKSOC manager will let you know what can be done to put the situation right.

If this does not sort out the problem to your satisfaction, we will tell you how to take your complaint further by contacting your UKSOC regional management team (to find your regional team please click here)

Last Updated : 28th November 2018