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A funeral is not a day in a life time; but a lifetime in a day.
We have all been to funerals throughout our lifetime, and sat listening to the traditional set format in which they follow and have said to others how the words used were not a true reflection of that person. It‚'s true- the saying ‚"You only get one chance to get it right‚" and I believe that all services should reflect the character of the person, the families wishes and be tailored to each persons‚' individual requirements, ensuring each service stands out in the minds of those who attend and are as unique as the individuals.
After my husband joined the funeral trade over 14 years ago; I, myself have attended more services than the average person and have witnessed a variety of tributes which were not always fitting or appropriate; but were certainly memorable! My working career has been very varied, from being a dance teacher, to a chef; a computer programmer to a mature university student; a training and development manager to then finally becoming a Funeral Director- with many other roles in between.
In January 2013 I embarked on the next chapter of my life and opened ‚"Kinton and Daughter Funeral Services‚" in Castle Donington, along with my husband Nigel- and then 21 year old daughter, Inez. Our services include- repatriation, coroner‚'s removals, carriage masters, grave digging, catering, and bereavement counselling. Therefore it only seemed natural to offer celebrant services to our families.
The first service I officiated was two years ago and I still remember the details of it now. Being a confident speaker and performer along with having the necessary writing skills, I was able to reflect exactly what the family wanted for their loved one. Since then I have also offered my services to other local Funeral Directors and to date have carried out over 100 services. Meeting with families and being given an insight into a persons‚' life, their most important and memorable moments which they shared with others, is a real privilege. It is also a huge responsibility and honour to be able to provide this service.
Here are some of the words of thanks I have received from families- ‚
"We couldn't have been cared for by anyone better than you - so every time you look at the stars, be sure he‚'s thanking you too‚"
"I'd like to thank you for the lovely service for my wife. It was very fitting; you summed her up very well. What a beautiful service you gave". ‚
"Thank you for the wonderful caring service you gave for Mum- it was lovely, she would have been proud of all the lovely things you said.‚"


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