28th September 2016

UK Society of Celebrants Membership

As a Member of the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants (UKSOC) you will receive the following:-

  • Recognition as a member of a organisation renowned for its Professional Independent Civil Celebrants
  • Access, advice and support from the UKSOC Mentor / Membership Forums / Celebrant Resource materials
  • Allocated Named Mentor for ongoing support
  • Promotion / Biography on the UKSOC website with contact details, promotions and testimonials as required.
  • IT Support including Website building , SEO & Social media Integration.
  • Monthly Newsletters listing information of interest, celebrant training opportunities, UKSOC future plans etc
  • A group voice when lobbying for political change
  • Use of the UKSOC Logo on all Celebrant’s stationery and full participation in their activities
  • The comfort of knowing that there are other civil celebrants / colleagues out there to help and support you, despite remaining independent!

There are five levels of UKSOC membership:

Associate Membership (AM) aimed at those working towards a career as an Independent Celebrant – £75 pa

Professional Membership (PM) aimed at organisations affiliated to the Celebrant Industry – £365 pa

Full Membership (M) aimed at Independent Celebrants who have successfully completed formalised training in Celebrancy. Access to UKSOC forums and ongoing mentorship / support services – £95 pa

Fellow Membership (F) aimed at Experienced Civil Celebrant Members selected / invited by the Executive Committee of UKSOC Annually – Fellows will be invited to attend occasional Training Courses as guest speakers / trainers. Membership includes access to UKSOC forums and support services – £95 pa

Honorary Membership (H) aimed at individuals who, through their work have significantly contributed to the professional standing of the Civil Celebrant profession.

For further information on the benefits of UKSOC Membership contact us here!