Want to be a Funeral Celebrant?

A rewarding role in a dynamic world
Serving families at a time of need

A Dynamic World

Throughout the 20th Century mortality rates across the developed world have been falling consistently. This is primarily due to improvements in healthcare, nutrition and education. An educated population (Less than 1% had a Degree in 1900 and more than 50% had a degree in 2010) naturally and increasingly turn away from organised religion as they have found that there are scientific and empiricist explanations to the mystery and beauty of the world in which we live. Set against this is the fact that in the UK since 1970 the percentage of religious funerals has dropped from around 95% to less than 50% today.

In February 2011 a wide ranging report commissioned by the Co-op revealed that more than half the population would prefer their send-off to be a celebration of life rather than a traditional church service with hymns, Significantly many did not want to include any religion at all. 20%+ of all funerals are now conducted by a funeral celebrant and that number is increasing year on year.

Its findings have been backed by the country‚’s leading funeral historian, Dr Julian Litten, who says: ‚”Funeral traditions are fundamentally changing and I would expect contemporary funerals to overtake the more traditional sombre events within the next ten years.‚”
The reality is that, for most, formal religion is largely irrelevant, even to those who still label themselves Christian. Is there any wonder that families want a funeral ceremony that reflects their real feelings rather than a standard religious view which at their heart they are not able to fully believe? The survey results indicated that we are inextricably moving ever closer to a true secular / non-religious country.
Celebrants are:

  • Caring and Warm
  • Empathetic & Emotionally Intelligent
  • Open minded and non- judgmental
  • Sociable, Approachable, Amiable
  • Can remain professionally distant and objective
  • Smart in appearance
  • Confident Communicator (In Writing & Public Speaking
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • Comfortable working alone and as part of a team
  • Committed & Conscientious
  • Flexible & Adaptable

You will need to have:

  • The use of a pc or laptop computer with internet connectivity
  • Computer literacy and be able to use Word , Adobe, Skype, Internet & Email
  • A quality printer
  • A phone with answer phone facility
  • Reliable transport

Becoming a Funeral Celebrant

Key steps to take
Serving families at a time of need
1. Define how far you wish to travel
As a rule of thumb it is good to be no more than an hour away from your furthest crematorium or burial ground.

  • Where are your local crematoria located in relation to you?
  • How many cemeteries are there in your area?
  • How many of them have chapels?
  • How many green burial grounds are there?

2. Research the market in your area
Make a list of Funeral Directors within your area using:

There will be some independents so you may have to use a search engine too.
Phone a few to ask them if they use celebrants ‚- and also get a feeling for the level of fees paid to celebrants in your area. (They do vary from area to area and between funeral directors)
Find out how many other celebrants operate in your area:
You may like to call one or two celebrants to get their views of their work. Be honest about why you are calling; We Celebrants are mostly welcoming!
3. Find a suitable training course.
The right training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to be an effective funeral celebrant and give you a flying start with support both nationally and locally. Talk to the course providers and ask questions before you choose.

The UK Society of Celebrants training programme has been designed from scratch by experienced celebrants so you can be confident that it will essentially be practical and avoid the trap of ‚”irrelevant theory‚”.

The UK Society of Celebrants Celebrants is a National Professional Body run by Celebrants for its members and has a network of celebrants across the United Kingdom providing ongoing national coverage and mentor support. For further information inquire here!

4. Book your course and get started!
Having made your decision, book your course and commit yourself wholeheartedly to becoming the very best that you can be; after all, the families you will serve deserve the best, don‚’t they?

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