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Hello, my name is Amy and I’m a Civil Funeral Celebrant.

I prepared my first eulogy in 2013 when my Aunt passed away suddenly. Since that day I have been the go-to for my friends and family when words of comfort have been needed to publicly express the complex emotions of love and loss.

From funerals to anniversaries to birthday parties, I have helped create many unforgettable occasions though my signature speeches. My tribute to a close friend on her 30th Birthday led to me being invited to perform a wedding ceremony, and I decided to pursue Celebrancy as my main line of work.

In 2020 I undertook the rigorous Funeral Celebrant training programme with the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants, proudly upgrading my skills to a profession.


Providing celebrant services throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland

My philosophy has always been to live as fully as possible, and have grabbed life by both hands at every opportunity.

In doing so, I have travelled to many far flung corners of the world, founded and developed several businesses and even once run away with the circus!

Now happily settled in the East End of Glasgow, I provide celebrant services throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland.

I am passionate helping others to embrace death as a natural phase of life, through documenting the lives of the deceased in fitting eulogies and ceremonies.

The death of a loved one is often a painful and emotional experience. Helping you navigate this difficult time, I will work with you to create a fitting eulogy for your loved one, ensuring that their ceremony is a true celebration of the life that was lived: incorporating everything that made them special and unique.

Together, we will create a fitting farewell which will not only give your loved one the send-off they deserve, but can also help in the process of grieving as we work together to pay tribute to all that they contributed to this lifetime.

Holding a First Class MA in Scottish Literature from the University of Glasgow, I am a strong believer in the power of the written and spoken word.

I am not only passionate about writing ceremonies that pay tribute to the individual but have access to a wealth of resources such as poems and prose that add that special touch to your ceremony.


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