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My name is Kathy Lunn and I was born and raised in Windsor, Berkshire. I have been in the service industry all my working life, starting my career in a convent, then pub (a natural progression), bank, university and after training as a personal assistant, I spent 16+ years as a board level executive assistant in a large 5 star private members club. However, after so many years in such a high powered role, I noticed customer service was losing the personal touch. I decided it was time for change and to find a career that matched my high standards and honoured those values of respect and consideration I hold so dear. My partner and I enjoy travelling and try to visit a different country each year. On our travels I have learned a lot about the many interesting cultures and religions we have in the world and  it has emphasised what a busy and hurried place the UK can be. Throughout my work and travel I have made many wonderful and treasured friendships, which continue today.

As I grow older, I notice I am attending more funeral services and how much they vary in style and how fitting they are. My colleagues and friends have often said of me that I am good at putting myself in others shoes, that I am caring and well organised. Having met and worked with bereaved families arranging wakes and receptions in two of my roles I realise that being a funeral celebrant plays to many of my strengths.

It’s all about you

I can offer a bespoke funeral ceremony for your loved one, tailored to your particular requirements to accurately reflect their character and your affection and regard for them.

I feel it important that every person who has passed has a fitting tribute paid to their life however long or short, however distant or involved they are with their families and communities and whatever their circumstances in life. I also believe that an appropriate funeral ceremony can be helpful to the friends and family, of those who have passed, as a natural start to the healing process.

I am welcoming of all faiths and those who are unreligious. I am happy to conduct secular, semi religious and green ceremonies.

My aims are that my clients receive the very best assistance and support in creating the funeral ceremony they would like; and I will conduct their loved one’s ceremony in the true spirit of their wishes.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like an informal, free of charge, chat on the telephone regarding how I may be able to help you.


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