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Funeral Celebrant in South Yorkshire

Hello, my name is Caroline Barnell and I am your funeral celebrant in South Yorkshire. 

My pathway to becoming a celebrant was a long, winding and sometimes surprising one, but now it feels so natural to be here -  as if it were always meant to be. 


Writing and storytelling have been an integral part of my life. They led me to apply for an English degree at York University, but this was hijacked by a last-minute decision to defer and, instead, try to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional dancer; which I not only achieved, but went on to do for the next 10 years. 


The world of dancing is wonderful, vibrant and colourful and luckily, gave me the opportunity to travel the world being paid for doing something exciting and creative. Working on cruise ships enabled me to see many different countries and cultures which have left a lasting impression. I met and lived amongst the most wonderful and incredible people, learning so much about the lives of friends I would have never met, had it not been for that life-changing decision to change course.


I once hosted a one hour ‘meet and greet’ for solo passengers and ended up spending my entire afternoon with a 96-year-old lady who was dressed like a Hollywood movie star, whilst she told me her life story. She was on the cruise resting after her recent trip to the Himalayas. Her incredible stories have stayed with me forever. She is a typical example of how much I love hearing and learning about people from all walks of life. Being with people and learning all about them is what I enjoy most, which lends itself perfectly to the life of a funeral celebrant. 


So, how did I go from dancing under stage lights, via several years as a dance and Zumba instructor to becoming a funeral celebrant?


2007 brought me back to the UK permanently and I began work in my family’s business: a very old, very traditional family funeral home which has been passed down through generations since 1784. I have grown up there, caring for peoples’ relatives as we would want our own to be cared, just as my family has done before me.


Since having our son, getting married and getting through a global pandemic, dance and Zumba have taken more of a back seat. Working full time at the funeral service has come to the forefront. With my family and brothers I speak to and look after bereaved families on a daily basis, helping wherever I can to make their first few weeks of grief and shock as bearable as possible. 

When I’m not working – I spend my time with my family and friends  making memories and enjoying our time together. I still love to dance and with my little family we travel as often as we can- seeing new places and having new adventures.

Learning about the lives people have led, hearing and then having the honour to write and present their stories to their loved ones, whilst also celebrating them and all they have achieved in life at their final farewell, is so very special, and something into which I can put heart and soul. Despite my circuitous journey, I now realise that this is my calling.


I promise to be there to guide you through the tough times, and to celebrate your precious memories of all the challenging and joyous moments. I will listen carefully to your wishes, and will use my intuition and natural instinct in crafting the ceremony which best meets the needs of you and your family in expressing your feelings about your loved one.

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caroline barnell funeral celebrant rotherham

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