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derek tedder funeral celebrant profile
derek tedder funeral celebrant profile


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Funeral Celebrant in Wiltshire

Hello. my name is Derek Tedder and I am your Funeral Celebrant in Wiltshire.

Before becoming a qualified funeral celebrant, I spent the vast majority of my long career as a television and radio reporter and newscaster for the BBC, ITV and Sky News.  During my time in front of the camera, I covered some of the top stories of the day, from the death of Diana Princess of Wales to the war in Afghanistan to the many terror attacks in London.

I began my broadcast career in my early twenties as a news trainee at BBC Radio Solent before moving to ITV West (formally HTV News) where I became the Wiltshire Correspondent.  During my eleven years with ITV, I could also be seen reading the early, lunchtime and late news bulletins before moving to Sky News where I continued presenting and reporting across the world for the network.

After nearly thirty years “on the road", and save for a short spell back at BBC Radio 4, I joined the Ministry of Defence as the British Army’s Head of Television News.  As a qualified BBC Multi-Camera Director, it was while at the MOD that I co-ordinated all the significant news stories involving the Army from the organisations satellite outside broadcast unit and CGI television studio (see video clip).

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Why should I become your funeral celebrant?

I am a seasoned communicator and have refined the art of speaking in public throughout my established broadcast career.  Having spent my life as a professional writer, you can also be assured I will be able to create a beautifully composed and evocative eulogy for your loved one who has died.  The sensitivity I have had to employ while covering many terrible human tragedies over the years, will mean I will treat you and your family with great understanding, tact and discretion.

One of the benefits of having such a long career covering every conceivable story is that I am adept at handling difficult situations.  As I interview you in preparation for the ceremony and eulogy, I will make you feel comfortable talking to me even about some of the most difficult of topics.

Over the years, many have commented that my resonant “BBC voice” is confident, smooth and reassuring.  I am a dedicated individual who would work diligently to ensure your loved one has the most professional, emotionally sensitive and appropriate send-off you could ever want.

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