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I am Danielle Chamberlin, and I was born in Zimbabwe, living there and in South Africa until I came to the UK when I was 11. I now live in the Sunderland in the North-East of England.

Having spent many years working in Facilities and then IT Service Management in the South of England, I felt that I had lost touch with working with human beings face-to-face, so decided to change career altogether, getting my Diploma with the UK Society of Celebrants in 2017. My career in Facilities gave me the foundation I need to be able to organise events, and my degree in English and Theatre helps with my delivering a meaningful and loving ceremony for people with confidence.

Outside of Celebrant work I am passionate about saving our precious Planet, and have a lovely Weimaraner called Max whom I walk daily along our stunning North-East coastline. I am married to a lovely man who happens to be a Whisky Broker (but hate the stuff), and have two lovely grown-up identical twin girls.

I stumbled upon Celebrancy by chance, when I attended a wedding for some friends that was taking place in a Barn. The Bride and her Party arrived on a London Bus, and this piqued my interest, but even more so when the Celebrant had unfortunately been in a car accident on the way to the Ceremony (she were unhurt), and couldn't make it in time. My friends made an announcement and asked if anyone would like to take the Ceremony and I volunteered. I loved it so much that I decided to look into how one could become a Celebrant. Standing up and delivering Readings at my father and mother's funerals (respectively) also reinforced the fact that this is what I would love to do.

In the case of a Funeral, I would be honoured to sit down and work closely together with you and your family, to create a loving and meaningful Service, resulting in a Ceremony that would truly reflect the essence of your loved one, and be a celebration of their life. We would create the Ceremony using poems, readings and music that truly reflected the life and beingness of your loved one.

For Weddings, you find and book your venue, and then we would have a cuppa and chat, and we would work very closely together to create a truly loving Ceremony, where the most important aspect of your day would be the vows you make together, and could include additional elements such as broom jumping, or unity candles or hand fasting etc.

In the case of Renewal of Vows, again we would work closely together to create a beautiful ceremony that truly reflected your enduring love.

For Naming Ceremonies, I would attend a venue of your choosing and would work closely with you to create the Ceremony and to include those elements you feel you would like to have.

What matters to me in life is the wellbeing and happiness flora, fauna and human beings on our precious Planet, and I would be honoured to be able to create thoughtful, warm and loving Ceremonies for you. I am a happy and confident person, and enjoy helping people.

There is too much negativity in the world, and I would love to do my best to help turn that around in everything that I do in life. I would not create just an "off the cuff" ceremony, but rather one that had real meaning for you and your loved ones.


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