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Welcome to my page, I’m Helen. The fact that you’re here means you are searching for a professional to lead a funeral ceremony for somebody you’ve sadly lost. This is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in your life. You’ll find Funeral celebrants are not identical just as a bereaved individual and their family are not identical. The other thing, of course, is that you are at the start of your grieving journey and your thoughts and emotions maybe all over the place so it’s hard to even think straight. I would like to tell you a bit about me as a person as I’m sure you’re not just looking for somebody who can string some words together. When people meet me, they often tell me I am easy to talk to and this is down to the sort of person I am, I care about others just as I was shown from being a child. I give time for people to find their words and express themselves which maybe a challenge for you right now. I’m never in a rush, pushing you for the right answers to fill in an official checklist. I have learnt over 24years working on the frontline in the NHS and over many years as a therapist, that it’s important to gently allow others to feel comfortable with me and begin to open up. Then you will feel listened to with kindness and respected. You will find you can trust me with your treasured memories of the one you’ve lost and I will create the best ceremony for you. I have found my own way of building trust with others through empathy, understanding how somebody else feels, being non-judgemental and reliable. These qualities developed naturally for me over the years, as I have sat with the dying and their family; I have supported those in pain and comforted the distressed many times.

I am qualified and fully insured to lead any non-religious funeral ceremony, a cremation or any burial in Norfolk or North Suffolk . I also offer ceremonies for memorials or the scattering of ashes. You can be reassured that I will guide you gently and clearly through the process to develop the best ceremony, which will ease your grief, as well as giving you what I hope will be a treasured memory. So, the first stage involves me meeting with you, to get to know each other and gather the precious memories we will use to celebrate your loved one’s life. We can include all sorts of different elements and I have plenty of ideas. I am capable of leading a very formal and traditional ceremony or something more modern with lots of people contributing. As long as we keep our focus on your loved one; how he or she lived; as well as offering comfort to the bereaved; we really can’t go wrong. We may need to have this meeting via the internet depending on the Corona Virus restrictions, but I always prefer a home visit whenever possible. I will then write up our first draft and share it with you to give you the opportunity to make any adjustments. You will receive the final draft for your approval. On the day of the funeral, I will be there to meet you as soon as you arrive. On this difficult day you can put your trust in me and your chosen Funeral Director, to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly and your loved one is treated with the utmost respect and care. I am confident with public speaking, having a kind comforting voice bringing the words I speak to life. A week or so after the funeral I will deliver a special copy of the funeral for your safe keeping and see how you’re doing. As a therapist I can offer you 3 follow up support sessions.



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