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My name is Vicky and I write, curate and deliver personalised funeral and memorial ceremonies in the Hampshire area. Celebrancy found me after I lost a beloved relative and attended their funeral. Having only attended religious ceremonies previously, I discovered how much more personal celebrant-led funerals are, while still being inclusive of spiritual beliefs. The same year my partner lost a dear friend of his, and her family decided not to hold a ceremony. I witnessed first hand how painful it was for him to be denied his chance to say goodbye properly. An occasion to celebrate the life of a person you knew and loved can be a beautiful and healing experience, and an essential rite of passage and healthy container for the complex emotions we feel when someone dies.

I have a background in theatre, both teaching and performing, and I have carved out a career in creative writing and performance poetry. This has endowed me with a sincere and engaging style of speaking, and a warm, narrative manner to my writing. I have performed all over the UK and internationally as a poet, storyteller and puppeteer, taught English through theatre and play in Northern Italy, and studied Drama and Movement therapy in Berlin. I have been nominated for four Swan Awards for theatre productions I have directed, and for Best New Writing for my first solo show at the Buxton Fringe Festival in 2017. I’m active in the grassroots artistic community where I live in Winchester, and am passionate on sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity in the arts. I’ve read widely, have eclectic musical tastes, and a unique personal style. My other interests include sewing and costuming, wild food foraging and speaking four languages besides English to varying degrees of success.

I will meet with you to discuss the life of the deceased; their character, family, interests, achievements, and what you will miss most about them. We will consider pieces of music and readings of poetry, prose and other tributes or rituals. I will work with you to handcraft a meaningful and bespoke event that honours the life lived, and deliver the funeral or memorial ceremony on the day. Having had twenty years experience as a drama teacher, working with students of all ages, but mainly 16-19 year olds, I possess excellent event management, teamwork and communication skills. I work well to deadlines, pay attention to detail, and always remain calm, open-minded and professional. My involvement in directing and producing theatre productions means I understand the flow and pace of a ceremony, and can deal with unexpected moments with efficiency and discretion.

A funeral is undoubtedly a sad occasion, but it needn’t be all gloom. Although I am very sincere in my approach, there can be many insightful and often irreverent details which raise a smile, and allow us to reflect fondly and with gratitude for the life lived. It is such an honour for me to work hard to capture the life and essence of a person in writing, poetry, music and ritual; it is work I have a real affinity for, and the existing skills and experience to bring it into being. Every set of circumstances are different, and there are challenges and opportunities with every ceremony I write and family or individual I meet. I maintain a fresh and non-judgemental approach, and will rise to every challenge with kindness and care. I’m respectful, flexible and organised, and will work with you to create a ceremony that is truly individual, heartfelt and comforting. I very much look forward to meeting you.



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