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Hello, my name is Joanne Wild, I find myself writing this bio as I am making my way into the funeral world; thus realising a long-held ambition which stems from an almost life-long interest in all thing funereal, that only intensified still further with my own experiences of loss. I have worked for several years with children who have Special Educational Needs, particularly those on the Autistic Spectrum.
This challenging and demanding work has taught me a great deal about the things that are truly important in life. I have loved being involved in the education and support of these young people; empowering them to make the most of their talents and to overcome life's hurdles. I have brought up three children of my own, mostly as a single parent, which in itself has taught me much about the importance of family and relationships, most of all to cherish those closest to us. I love to read, watch films and drink tea (all the better if it has a little chocolate to go with it) not necessarily in any order. On the whole my home life is fairly quiet these days; only competing for the bathroom with my partner and my seventeen year old daughter. My daughter likes to cook and bake, so there is often competition for space in the kitchen too.
Now I find myself in my mid-forties, (not quite sure how I got to this age) I believe it is time for me to follow my own ambition; to become the best Funeral Celebrant I can be. My desire to work in the funeral business is centred around ensuring that everyone receives a thoughtful, dignified and fitting tribute to the life they have lived. As a funeral celebrant I aim to bring comfort to grieving families, relieving some of the burden they are faced with, to bring satisfaction in the knowledge that together we have created a funeral service that truly celebrates the life shared with their loved one, in such a way that it brings healing and comfort to everyone present.


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